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What is Lavender Soap Good For?

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What is Lavender Soap Good For?

If you’ve ever stepped inside of a scented candle aisle or the moisturizer section of a beauty store, you already know that lavender is kind of a big deal. From the way it smells to the skin concerns it soothes, there are many benefits to using lavender as a main ingredient.

We’ll talk more about why that is later. For now, let’s focus on what lavender soap brings to the table. Or, more specifically, what lavender brings to your soap tray!  

What is Lavender Soap Good for?

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Our lavender soap is good for many things. Above all else, it is a great unisex body wash bar for an invigorating, refreshing, and waste-free shower. Because it’s made with organic ingredients, including herbs and oils, it’s safe for all skin types. Use it on your body, face, or both.

This lavender bar soap contains a clean and refreshing formula that will leave your skin feeling nourished, healthy, and soft. It contains zero synthetic fragrances, colorants, parabens, sulfates, or animal products. This is what it means to choose clean.

And because of its size, our lavender organic body wash is also travel-friendly soap. So, there you have it. This natural soap is good for your body, face, all skin types and sexes, the environment, and individuals on the go.

What are the Benefits of Lavender in Beauty Products?

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Now that we understand what this bar soap is good for, let’s talk about the specific benefits of lavender in general. For many years, lavender has been used for medicinal purposes, along with its beauty and skin benefits.

Lavender oil has a calming effect on both the body and mind, which can help soothe stress and relax certain muscles. Additionally, it has natural antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal effects. In many places, lavender oil is used as a natural remedy for minor burns and bug bites.

And with its calming effect on the nervous system, many medical professionals believe that it can not only relieve everyday stress but can also help ease the symptoms of certain mood disorders, including anxiety and depression.

Many people with anxiety and depression use lavender pillow sprays, candles, or lotions with lavender essential oils in them before bed to help ease them into a more restful state. But even for everyday stresses or hectic workweeks, lavender can provide a serious mental health boost.

So, to recap: lavender oil in beauty products may help calm and soothe your mind, relax your muscles, clean without chemicals, reduce the effects of burns and bites, and reduce many different types of skin irritations.

That’s a lot of power for one little ingredient!

The Environmental Benefits of Choosing Soap Bars Over Plastic Bottles of Liquid Soap

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Now, the list of benefits of our lavender soap is long. But toward the top of the list is how much better our soap bar is for the environment than plastic bottles and jugs of liquid soaps. And you may be surprised by just how big the difference is between soap bars and bottles.

A recent study on the environmental impact of soap and soap packaging found that bar soaps have a lower environmental impact than liquid soaps in many important categories, including carbon footprint, ecotoxicity, and ozone depletion potential.

One reason for this is the higher energy requirements to produce the raw materials and packaging needed for liquid soaps. Here are a few interesting statistics from the same study that illustrate this point:

  • From start to finish, liquid soaps require five times more energy for raw material production than bar soaps do.
  • Liquid soaps require nearly 20 times more energy for packaging production than bar soaps do.
  • Per wash, consumers use an average of more than six times the amount of liquid soap, by weight, than bar soap.

So, what does this all mean? It means that liquid soaps burn through more resources, eat up more energy, and don’t even last as long when it’s all said and done. Our beauty bars help cut down on waste, as well as provide several other environmental and health benefits.

How to Use Your Lavender Soap

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There are two ways to use your lavender soap: lather by hand or work with a soap saver bag. Learn more about soap saver bags in this article. Hand lathering is ideal for sensitive skin, as it is the most gentle and mild cleansing method. Just wet the bar, rub it between your hands, massage the lather on your body or face, then rinse.

If you choose this method, we recommend storing your lavender hand soap and body bar on our bamboo soap dish. This will help keep it dry between uses so it stays clean and lasts longer than it would if it stayed wet on the shower shelf.

The other option is to use a soap saver bag. They help extend the life of your favorite soap bars by collecting the bits as they break off over time and allowing you to use every last bit of the bar. If you go with this method, just place the soap into the bag, wet it, massage it onto your body or face, then rinse. Our soap saver bags have a texture that is great for exfoliation, too!

So, if you’re prone to dry skin, using soap saver bags can help remedy that.

How Long Do Soap Bars Last?

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The lifespan of a bar of soap depends on how many people use it, how often, and how it’s stored between uses, among other factors. On average, a natural bar soap lasts between four and six weeks per bar if one person is using it daily.

But each one can last even longer if you let it dry out between uses. Similarly, each can last longer if you keep separate bars for your body and face rather than using one bar for both.

DIY – An Easy Way to Make Your Own

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Looking to try your hand at making your own lavender soap bar? Many homemade beauty products are relatively easy to make and require just a few simple ingredients. There are many different DIY natural bar soap variations out there, but below is one of the easiest.

According to the website, this all-natural lavender bar soap will leave your hands feeling soft and smelling like a fresh field of flowers. One of the biggest benefits of making your products at home is that you get to decide what goes into them.

We use soap every day, so it’s important to know that we’re using one that isn’t damaging our skin or our planet. Our lavender bar contains less than ten ingredients, and most of them are natural oils, extracts, and water.

Some soaps come with mile-long ingredient lists, and most of those ingredients are impossible to pronounce. That’s not what we’re about. When you choose EcoRoots, you know exactly what you’re getting.

But we know that it can be fun to experiment and make your own items, too. So, without further delay, here are the only ingredients you’ll need to make your own healing lavender bar soap at home:

  • Six ounces of unscented goat soap (you can also use castile soap if you prefer)
  • Fifteen drops of lavender essential oil
  • Two tablespoons of dried lavender flowers
  • One silicone soap mold with multiple individual units

That’s it! And here’s what you’ll do with it all:

  • Fill a small saucepan about halfway with water.
  • Place a large metal bowl over the top.
  • Slice your soap into smaller chunks and place them in the bowl.
  • Allow the soap chunks to slowly melt into a liquid.
  • Carefully remove the bowl from the heat.
  • Stir in your lavender essential oil and dried lavender flowers.
  • Once it’s all mixed up, pour the liquid into your silicone soap mold.
  • Allow the mold to sit for an hour or so to harden into ready-to-use lavender bars.

When you’re ready, just pop them out of the mold and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Lavender is great for sensitive skin and allergies, providing lightweight moisturizing and gently healing dry skin. It also smells light and fresh without being overwhelming.

If you have other skin concerns or prefer other natural scents, you can swap out the lavender for another essential oil. The more you experiment with natural ingredients, the easier it’ll be to identify what you like the most.

The Best Lavender Soap for Happy, Healthy Skin

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Here at EcoRoots, our natural lavender soap is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from synthetics that clog up our pores and cause some of the most common skin irritations. Its size makes it travel-friendly, and its ingredients and packaging make it plastic-free.

Manufactured here in the United States and cold-pressed by hand in small batches, each bar supports a local business and community members instead of a large corporation that profits from planetary damage.

What Customers are Saying About our Lavender Bar Soap

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You could take our word for how great our lavender bar soap is, but you don’t have to. With dozens of five-star reviews, it’s clear that our customers love this eco-friendly, nourishing beauty bar, and we think you will, too.

Here are some of our most recent customer reviews for our lavender bar soap:

  • “I love this soap and I use the mesh bag from EcoRoots and it works so well.”
  • “The lather and smell of this soap was great. We placed it in a soap saver bag and it lasted a while with my family of four. Does not dry our skin but leaves you feeling clean.”
  • “The body soap is exactly what I was looking for when seeking a replacement for my usual body wash. Skin doesn’t feel dry.”
  • “This soap cleans well and smells nice.”
  • “I had not used this soap before so I decided to place on bathroom sink to 1 – see how my hands react over a few days and 2 – let everyone else try it. WOW! It cleans without leaving my skin dry and there was no soap residue on soap dish/sink. (You know how kids throw the soap around.) Easy fit into soap saver bags for showers. I will definitely buy these again. Love them.”
  • “Smells great, exfoliates, and feels good morally as well. Will definitely be buying again.”

Join the growing force of happy Eco Roots customers today and enjoy access to products that are better for you and better for the planet, too. We’re a growing business in both products and customers, and there’s always room for more on the journey to an eco-friendly lifestyle.  

More Face and Body Soap Options for Your Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine

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According to one of our happy customers, our lavender soap “lathers well, lasts a long time. Skin feels clean and nourished.” We’re thrilled to see such rave reviews on products that we put our heart and soul into!

Our natural lavender bar soap is good for your skin and soul, and it’s easier on the environment. But what are your options when you’re looking for something else? Whether you’re looking to add other options to your lineup or searching for the perfect gift, we’ve got an incredible list of face and body soap options for every eco-friendly beauty routine:

If you build a soap bundle of three or more items, you get a discount on your total. You can also add sea salt body scrub, zero waste face moisturizer, or rose water toner to the bundle and get more beauty for your buck!

Adding three items to your bundle will get you 5% off. From there, each additional item provides another 5% discount until you reach a 20% discount on six items. We offer similar bundles on our zero-waste shaving kits, cleaning kits, bamboo floss bundles, and shampoo and conditioner bars, too!

Building Better Habits with EcoRoots

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If you’re looking to build a zero-waste bath and beauty or shower routine, our lavender bar is the perfect addition to your toolkit. But as you can see from the list above, there are plenty of other options, too! Take some time to browse through them and match your options with your skin needs.

We also recommend trying out a few different options to see which scent you like best. And if you’re wondering where to go after the beauty bars, we have a full eco-friendly bath and beauty product lineup to make it easier to replace all your everyday essentials.

From natural shampoo bars and bamboo natural toothbrushes to deodorant creams and biodegradable cotton swabs, there’s an eco-friendly alternative for everything! Part of the beauty of the eco-friendly movement is the idea of leaving a better legacy and a healthier planet for future generations.

And we can all do our part to see that happen. Thank you for coming on this journey with us!

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