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Zero Waste Floss
Zero Waste Floss
Zero Waste Floss
Zero Waste Floss
Zero Waste Floss

Zero Waste Floss


This zero-waste glass floss container is a low-waste alternative to conventional plastic floss. 

This vegan floss comes packaged in a refillable glass container with a recyclable metal dispensing lid. The floss is made from bamboo fiber with activated charcoal.

Say goodbye to plastic by including this zero waste floss (30 m/33 yds) in your daily oral hygiene routine. 

100% zero waste, all packaging materials are non-plastic and are either recyclable or compostable.

  • Compostable/Recyclable Packaging
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Fluoride-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • No Preservatives, Colorings or Artificial Sweeteners
  • Plastic-Free Shipping

Get the Bamboo Floss 2-Refill Pack for this glass dispenser here.

How to compost?

Put used floss and the small kraft box in compost/recycle pile, or just bury in the soil for mother earth to take care of it.

  • Organic Tea Tree Oil is antiviral, antibacterial, and kills fungus and bacteria that cause gum disease.
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory and helps eliminate the hazardous germs that can be found on your gums.

How to use it?

  1. Wrap roughly 18 inches of floss around the two middle fingers; the remaining floss can be secured around the preferred fingers of the other hand. Hold the floss firmly between your thumbs and forefingers - this will help to free up the thumbs and index fingers, as it is these fingers that will manipulate the floss. 
  2. The floss should be maneuvered between the teeth with a gentle rubbing motion and curved against one tooth until the floss meets the gum line. Slide the floss gently between the gum and the tooth.
  3. The floss should be held firmly against the tooth and rub along the surface of the tooth with a gentle up and down movement. This should be continued until the backside of the last tooth is reached. Follow this process for the remaining teeth.
  4. A new section of the floss should be used when plaque builds upon it.

Ingredients: organic bamboo fiber with activated charcoal, candelilla plant vegan wax, biodegradable polymer, organic peppermint oil, organic tea tree oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Love it

Incredible product! I'm soooooo glad I found a great vegan and zero waste floss! Thanks a ton :)

Sophia Walker
Great so far!

I really like this floss. Was worried it would break after reading some reviews, but I haven’t had any issues with it breaking. I get food stuck in my back molar very easily so have to heavily floss that area, and this floss does a great job getting gunk out of there. Normal floss sometimes slips out of my fingers after a bit but this floss has a good grip. It’s also thicker than the super cheap plastic floss which I like. Doesn’t really have an aftertaste to me. Some plastic floss will sometimes leave a really minty flavor. Sometimes I can taste the tea tree but not always. This isn’t good or bad just an observation.

Obed Ortiz
A strong and heart-warming product

I ordered the Zero Waste Floss two weeks ago. I can say that the product is strong and heart-warming. One one hand, the zero waste floss feels different and more durable than other traditional floss found in grocery stores like Target (think Colgate). In the other hand, when you read the instructions of how to dispose the product, read the ingredients, and understand the impact that you leave when you choose an eco friendly product as opposed to a traditional product, you feel awesome. You feel like this product has made an impact from the purchase!

Madison Fair
Best Eco-Friendly Floss I’ve Tried!

I absolutely love this floss. The cute little bottle makes it easy to take with you on the go and it functions just the same as regular floss. A big win!

Suzi Lonergan
Exact;y what I've ben looking for!

thanks EcoRoots - I've been looking for years for the right NO plastic/waste floss. I found it with your Zero Waste Floss. Thank you so much!!! I love it!!