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Reusable Coffee Filter – 2 Pack
Reusable Coffee Filter – 2 Pack
Reusable Coffee Filter – 2 Pack
Reusable Coffee Filter – 2 Pack
Reusable Coffee Filter – 2 Pack

Reusable Coffee Filter – 2 Pack

Replace your single-use coffee filter for a low-waste alternative with our Reusable Coffee Filter-Pack of 2. Handmade in Colorado, from organic hemp and cotton, this reusable coffee filter is a substitute for single-use paper filters.

Our reusable coffee filter works from the kitchen to the campsite and all points in-between.

Our reusable coffee filters fit 3-6 cup Chemex or pour-over coffee makers.

There are two filters in each pack and each filter lasts for about a year.

  • 2-Pack Filters
  • Reusable & Compostable
  • Organic Hemp & Cotton Fabrics
  • Package-Free
  • Plastic-Free

On average 2.25 million cups of coffee are enjoyed every day that equals around 140 million coffee filters and approximately 1.5 million trees... Ouch! That's a lot of waste but you can reduce your coffee filter waste with a reusable alternative like this one!

Reusable Coffee Filter - How to Use & Care:

After brewing your coffee, empty the grounds into your compost, rinse the filters clean with a delicate soap and hang dry. If you are using the filters daily, we recommend a deep clean every two months. Boil the filters for about 10 minutes. If extra care is needed add a scoop of baking soda.

Made in Colorado by Khala & Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Michele Cho
Eco roots reusable coffee filter

The only reason I gave it a 4 is because it is a gift and I won't know how good it is till after Christmas

Robert Comer
Coffee Filters

An excellent way to begin my morning or just have an afternoon decaf coffee. I just wash and dry the filter after use. The coffee does taste a lot better being filtered through this filter than paper. Also, you will be doing your part to help the eco system. Always enjoy the coffee!

Good quality

The filter is well made. Works well in our pour over but doesn't maintain form for our drip maker and we end up with grounds in our coffee.

Zoe Franks
I have not used it. Still in the box

I have not used the product yet support the sentiment

Davy Codington
Love my pour-over filters!

These EcoRoots reusable coffee filters are a great alternative to single-use coffee filters that, while compostable, most likely still come in some sort of plastic packaging and generate routine waste. These reusable coffee filters generate no waste and will eliminate other sources of nonrecyclable waste in my home.