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safety razor for women

Bath & Beauty

Reduce your amount of waste with our Zero Waste Bath & Beauty products, from sustainable bamboo toothbrushes to plastic-free hair care products and more. 
reusable produce bags

Home & Kitchen

Reduce your amount of waste with our Zero Waste Home & Kitchen products, from organic cotton reusable produce bags to plastic-free cleaning brushes and more. 
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cruelty free deodorant

Meow Meow Tweet

Find all Meow Meow Tweet products here! All the products are made with organic ingredients and are also vegan. We ship all our products in plastic-free & recyclable packaging.
reusable produce bags

More Plastic Free Products

Bamboo Charcoal & Tea Tree Oil - Facial Soap

New Arrivals

mesh tote bag

On The Go

Reduce your amount of waste while traveling, camping or hiking with our Zero Waste On The Go products, from sustainable bamboo cutlery to plastic-free reusable cups and more. 
safety razor for women

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stainless steel straws


zero waste shampoo bar

Zero Waste Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

SLS-Free, Vegan, Plastic-Free Package & Travel-Friendly Shampoo & Conditioner Solid Bars
safety razor for women

Zero-Waste Gift Ideas

Reduce your amount of waste when you want to offer a gift with our Zero Waste Gift Ideas products, from sustainable rose gold safety razors to organic, vegan and plastic-free beauty care products and more.