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Our Story

We are a couple founded a small business, based in Colorado. We love nature, animals and good vibes! This brand was created when we realized how much consumerism has taken over our lives. We see EcoRoots as an important way to make a positive impact & environmental change.

Growing up in a simple family we started remembering how our grandparents used to buy their fruits and veggies from farmers markets while reusing the same set of canvas bags. Today you can’t help but notice the ridiculous amount of plastic bags offered for each handful of fruits and veggies or any item purchased in the supermarkets and grocery stores. 

Nowadays, almost all our beauty and personal care products contain plastic. We remember the days when the personal trash would not pile up with all this single-use packaging. We realized how much plastic is in everything that we touch and use daily. We tried to see where we went wrong, why did everyone embrace this kind of lifestyle.

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This miracle material called “plastic” that is used to cast everything cheaply and given a lifetime guarantee is slowly pilling up, and our planet is starting to suffer. One of the main reasons why we continue to use is the lack of information on the subject and out of convenience.

We had decided to put an end to this way of doing things. We believe change comes from ourselves, that is why we started checking the packaging when we shop and do our best to avoid plastic when it is not necessary.

Today, plastic pollution is one of the most serious environmental problems that we face. We become fully aware of how devastating the effects of plastic are on our fragile environment, ocean, marine life, our health, and our well-being.


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We started EcoRoots, an eco-conscious and minimalist brand, to inform people on the reality of single-use plastic consumption and the impact it has on future generations. 

All of our products are ethically and sustainably sourced. For packaging and shipping, we use only recyclable and up-cyclable materials that are completely plastic-free and biodegradable.


zero waste store


We believe the change always starts with you so we offer a variety of plastic-free and zero waste products for a better you! 


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