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shea butter cream
shea butter cream
shea butter cream
shea butter cream
shea butter cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream
Shea Butter Cream

Shea Butter Cream


Dermatological Strength Shea Butter
Everyday Shea Butter Balm - Scentless
Everyday Shea Butter Balm - Lavender

This amazing zero waste moisturizer is made by using a highly concentrated formula that soothes skin and keeps pores congestion-free, each shea butter cream is made from a sustainably sourced blend of all-natural ingredients.

From sporadic dry hands and rough heels to more serious complaints, this magical shea butter cream will moisturize the whole body.

A luxurious shea butter moisturizer to soothe skin without clogging pores. Highly concentrated with vitamins A, E, F & K to rejuvenate and moisturize, leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking better longer. Works also great from preventing stretch marks to soothing psoriasis & eczema!

Every shea butter cream comes in a cute zero-waste aluminum tin and is a perfect size (2oz.) to travel with.

Choose from 3 different types:

1. Dermatological Strength Shea Butter (2oz.) - Dry to Very Dry Skin. As an official sponsor of the National Psoriasis Foundation, Eu'Genia offers 100% Pure Shea Butter. Great from sporadic dry hands and rough heels to more serious complaints. 

Ingredients: 100% Pure Shea Butter

2. Everyday Shea Butter Balm - Scentless  (2oz.) -  For everyday use

Ingredients: Shea Butter (90%), Shea Oil (7%), Moringa Oil (1.5%), Baobab Oil (1.5%)

3. Everyday Shea Butter Balm - Lavender (2oz.) - For everyday use

Ingredients: Shea Butter (82.5%), Shea Oil (14.5%), Lavender Essential Oil (2%), Moringa Oil (0.5%), and Baobab Oil (0.5%)

  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Zero Waste 
  • Plastic-Free
  • Reusable/Recyclable Aluminium Tin and Lid

How to use it:

Scoop small portions into the palm of hands and rub hands together until shea butter cream has melted. A small amount goes a really long way.

Apply the shea butter cream to wherever needs some moisturizing love. Apply as needed to hands, feet, body, and face (won't clog your pores!) Also great post-shave, conditioning hair mask, makeup removal, pre-flatiron - pretty much all of the things.

Shea Butter is great for your skin (helps with wrinkle and stretch mark prevention; intensive moisturizer). Eu`Genia high concentration shea butter cream ensures your skin gets as much benefit as it can. 

Eu'Genia Shea is a women-run social enterprise dedicated to all-natural & sustainable premium shea butter moisturizers. 

They are dedicated to fair wages and opportunities for their female workers in Ghana. 

15% of profits return to their workers in the form of an education fund for their children.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great on dry skin and eczema

I bought this for its moisturizing effects and for eczema relief. I love everything about this shea butter, it is luxurious and has a mild earthly nutty scent and a little goes a long way. This is a keeper and I will be ordering it again.

Works very well

This is a great all-purpose balm to use on the dry areas on my face. A small amount is all that's needed to soften these dry spots. Plus, the tin is so darling. So glad I bought one of these!


I have very sensitive skin & this is the best shea butter cream I have come across ever. I live in the desert so I do have dry skin but this shea keeps my skin soft. Truly unique and unlike anything else I've tried before. Great packaging and size - easy to carry with you in your purse.

Great Moisturizer

In love with this item. Beautiful product and packaging :)


Great product. Luxurious Packaging - Fast shipping. Thank you!