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Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag
Soap Saver Bag

Soap Saver Bag

“Perfect for preventing waste, and also great for storage and exfoliation!” – Isabelle A

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Want an easy way to save money, keep your soap bar dry, and last longer? 

This soap saver bag is your way to go! Made of sustainable sisal, a 100% natural fiber that comes from the agave cactus family.

This sisal scrubber bag is great for those little leftover bits and pieces of soap, or for a whole soap or shampoo bar. 

Easy on your skin, this textured soap saver bag also helps to produce a creamy, rich lather or to exfoliate and massage your head, hands, or body. 

NO MORE WASTE, when the soap bag gets worn out, toss it into your compost bin!

  • Plastic-Free
  • Package-Free
  • Zero-Waste 
  • Compostable
  • Vegan
  • Plant-Based - 100% Sisal Fiber

How to take care of it: After each use, rinse and hang up to dry. 

This product is unpackaged and always ship 100% plastic-free using compostable/recyclable materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 158 reviews
Cathy Sanford
Just what I needed

The bag works as expected and matches the description exactly.

Paula Z
Love, love, love this soap saver bag!

Sustainably produced, affordably priced, can't beat it.

Leilani Munch
soap saver is the best thing ever

scrubs really good and collects all the soap. 10/10

Ifat Peled

The soap bag doesn't only save the soap but it nurturing to the skin.

A wonderful gift to share with others.

Mary M
Great, Just Store Properly

These soap saver bags are very convenient! **Make sure you store them in a place in your shower where they can dry completely after each use, I had one of mine get moldy** For shampoo, I found I had to lather first in my hand and not on my head so that it would get everywhere. But for shaving soap it’s a great exfoliant to rub it directly on your body, on non-sensitive areas of course. Love the eco-conscious material.