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Washable Period Pads
Washable Period Pads
Washable Period Pads
Washable Period Pads
Washable Period Pads
Washable Period Pads

Washable Period Pads


Super Heavy (OverNight)

It`s time to ditch the disposable and make the switch to reusable & washable period pads for a better and waste-free period. These reusable period pads are plastic-free and kindly made from organic cotton. 

Each reusable black period pad is super absorbent, extremely comfortable and has a hook and loop closure to stay in place. The washable period pads are easy to maintain, long-lasting and odor-free - healthier for you and the environment. This is a great zero-waste alternative for periods or postpartum bleeding.

The package is made from a cardboard tube - 100% recyclable material. It comes with a 1 x black pad and 1 x travel pouch. 

These washable period pads range from regular to heavier flows.

  1. Regular Pad - for regular flow period - size: 9” x 3”
  2. Heavy Pad- for heavy flow period - size: 9” x 3”
  3. Super Heavy (OverNight) Pad - for super heavy flow period or overnight - size: 12” x 3”
  • Plastic- Free
  • Zero Waste Period
  • Reusable
  • Organic Cotton
  • Includes 1 pad + 1 travel pouch
  • Machine Washable

Care Instructions: 

Soak the reusable pantyliner in cold water, if desired, to help prevent staining. Machine wash cold using a natural detergent and tumble dry low or line dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. You can hand wash if desired.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Comfortable Pads

My first time purchasing reusable period pads and I had my doubts before using these but now I must say I’m very impressed. They provide more coverage than anything else I've used, and the cost-effectiveness is fantastic. Great fit for me for regular or heavy days.


I am pleased with the quality of these and the color. I like the idea of any reusable and economical product, so I will buy a bunch of different sizes in the near future.


Super comfortable and definitely keeps me dry through the work day. They are more comfortable than disposable liners and provide a higher level of protection as well. I am impressed and I'm buying more!