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A Zero Waste Mother`s Day

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A Zero Waste Mother`s Day

Zero Waste Mother`s Day gift guide. We put together this easy reading zero waste mother’s day gift guide with sustainable products that will delight the wonderful women in your life.

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This Mothers’ Day do something nice for Mom and for your planet.

Check out our list of sustainable, zero-waste essentials and goodies for any mom in your life.

Zero-Waste Shaving Essentials

Reusable Safety Razor

This is the perfect place to start for anyone interested in an eco-conscious lifestyle - we all know how expensive and wasteful your conventional plastic razor can be. Now you’ll only be replacing a single steel razor. A safety razor is great for sensitive skin types and comes in an eye-catching rose gold handle.

safety razor for women

Natural Lavender Body Oil

This body oil is part moisturizer, part balm for your nerves. In fact, this oil isn’t just for your body - it’s excellent in your hair, on your hands, or after shaving.

Meow Meow Tweet’s Body Oil contains sunflower oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, non-GMO vitamin E oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil.

Organic Shaving Soap 

This shaving soap bar is luxuriously soothing with a mix of cocoa and shea butter that lathers up into a creamy foam. It comes vegan, USDA certified organic, cruelty-free, zero-waste, packaging-free, and delivered in plastic-free shopping. Lather up under warm water and apply the same way you would to conventional shaving cream.

Zero-Waste Shaving For Women

This is the be-all, end-all for your Zero-Waste Shaving routine. It comes with one Rose Gold double-edged safety razor, one bar of Organic Shaving Soap, and fifteen high-quality stainless steel replacement blades. You can also add a soap saver bag for the organic shaving soap to create a complete zero waste kit. 

Zero-Waste Skin Care & Beauty Essentials

Vegan Face Toner

    Our Face Toner comes in Rose Mint, Desert Garden, and Wildflower, each with different healing, reviving properties. Each balance pH, and calm your complexion and nerves. Desert Garden is a personal favorite, with a lightly floral scent that ushers in warmer climes.

    Zero Waste Lip Balm

    River Organics Zero Waste Lip Balm Stick is the perfect, moisturizing hint of color. All ingredients are plant-based and incredibly, deeply moisturizing, with mango and cacao butters, alongside nature-derived pigments.You can get this lip balm in Rouge and Bare, two subtle pigments that wear more as a hint of color rather than as a lipstick or stain.

    Blush Stick

    This beautiful blush doubles as makeup and skincare, as it’s made of entirely natural, gentle and moisturizing ingredients like pomegranate seed and red raspberry oil. You can purchase River Organic’s Blush Stick in two colors - Pinch replicates a natural blush, in a neutral toned pink. Bloom is a light rosy pink, perfect for spring.

    Reusable Cotton Rounds

      Our Reusable Cotton Rounds come in a set of 10 rounds. Each cotton round is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and bamboo that also happen to be biodegradable. These are an excellent replacement for single-use cotton balls or pads -- anything you’d normally use cotton pads in your skincare regimen.

      Zero Waste Face Oil

        This rejuvenating face oil comes in two different formulations:
        • Rosehip Chia - protective face oil, sensitive skin, maturing skin or all types of skin
        • Juniper Carrot Seed - balancing, and softening for combination skin or uneven texture and tone.

        Eu’Genia Shea Butter Cream

          Eu’Genia is an excellent brand to support this Mother’s Day: Eu’Genia was created by a Mother and Daughter duo. This is the perfect treat for anyone with dry, sensitive skin. You can get this in either dermatological strength, scentless, or  lavender.

          Solid Body Balm Bar

          With a luxurious blend of jojoba oil and calendula flower oil, this is an excellent moisturizer for skin, lips, and hair. Just one of these solid body balms will last just as long as four plastic lotion bottles. Something unique about this miracle product is that it comes packaged in a zero-waste, reusable beeswax wrap and a plantable label!

          Yay For Earth Face Moisturizer

          This luxurious moisturizer is formulated with shea butter, olive oil, beeswax and pomegranate seed oil. It comes packaged in a glass packaging that is easily reused or recycled. Excellent for normal to sensitive skin types.

            Zero-Waste Personal Hygiene

            Soap Rocks Gems

            Each of these soap gems comes handmade in small batches, palm-oil-free, plastic-free, with ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients. You can purchase one of these soaps in four different, refreshing, delicious scents. These soap rock gems are moisturizing, though deeply cleansing.

            Naturals Vegan Soap

              Bell Mountain Naturals Vegan Soaps are gentle, and moisturizing, without palm oil, plastic or waste. Each one of these beautifully scented soaps comes packaged in compostable or entirely reusable linen fabric. Extend the life of your bar with our soap saver bag. Read more about soap saver bag here.

              Wild Lather Triangle Soap

                Wild Lather’s Triangle Soap is gentle enough to use not only on your body, but your face as well. You can buy this soap in five luscious fragrances: 12 Apostles, Byron Bay, Call Me By Your Name, Osaka, and Kyoto.

                Bamboo Soap Dish

                This soap holder is the perfect accessory for any bar soap in your bath, since it helps keep soap clean and dry in between use. In fact this little tool can significantly extend the life of each bar of soap. 

                Zero-Waste Home & Kitchen Essentials

                Cruelty Free Candle

                These vegan candles are made from American-grown soy wax, oils, with cotton-braided wicks. All candles come packaged in amber glass reusable jars with metal lids.

                  An excellent scent for spring time and Mother’s Day is the Rose Garden scent, with notes of geranium, marigold and musk.

                  KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

                  KeepCup’s stylish, glass, reusable coffee cup is the perfect on the go cup, with a splash-proof, recyclable lid. The cork cuff keeps your drink’s temperature, whether cold or hot.

                  Reusable Produce Bags Organic Cotton

                  These are a critical tool for the environmentally-concerned consumer, as just one person using reusable bags over their lifetime can remove 22,000 plastic bars from the environment. This set includes a variety of bag sizes in cotton and mesh.

                  Our Place Ceramic Cookware

                  Our Place produces an absolutely beautiful and versatile set of cookware, non-stick, non-toxic, and attractively designed. One Always Pan comes with a nesting wooden spatula, and a metal steamer basket.


                    Zero-Waste Cleaning Essentials

                    Wooden Dish Brush

                    This is such a unique design for a dish brush, with a wooden and metal handle and a replaceable head made from sustainable wood and sisal for the bristles. In fact the sisal bristle brush head can be composted entirely.

                    Dish Scrubber

                      Our Dish Scrubber comes with a natural beechwood handle and union fibers. Once it wears out the entire scrubber can be completely composted or even just buried in the backyard.

                      Vegan Dish Washing Block

                      This zero waste dish soap is the perfect waste-free solution to toxic, plastic-packaged liquid dish soap. This block can last up to six months. It’s even more efficient against grease and oil than your standard dish soap.

                      Reusable Dish Cloths

                        These dish cloths will replace single use paper towels and plastic-based sponges. Because the fibers are all natural, including the watercolor based prints, these dish cloths can be composted when they’ve worn out.

                        Natural Loofah

                        This sustainable plastic-based sponge or scrubber alternative is perfect for dishes, for cleaning the bathroom, or cleaning yourself in the bath. You can compost this natural loofah just by burying in the backyard, and it’ll totally decompose in 30 days.

                        Zero-Waste Cleaning Kit

                          Comes with the Wooden Dish Brush, Bamboo Soap Dish and the Vegan Dish Washing Block.

                          Zero Waste Gift Card

                          Give them the gift of choice with an EcoRoots Gift Card, when you have no idea what to get.

                          Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Plus, our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

                          What is your favorite zero waste gift for this Mother`s Day?

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