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Are Bamboo Utensils Worth Buying?

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Are Bamboo Utensils Worth Buying?

It’s no secret that people always use plastic utensils for their convenience. People choose to eat with them on a regular basis to avoid doing dishes or simply because they are disposable.

plastic utensils

This is making an increasing carbon footprint in our world as a result. People always buy them for their cheap price and convenience of having less to clean in the kitchen.

Use Bamboo Utensils and Skip The Plastic Ones

It’s true that plastic is not a biodegradable thing and we need disposable items to be easily broken down for the sake of the environment.

plastic cutlery

Otherwise, the waste will rapidly continue to pile up and affect many habitats.

You see plastic is currently killing ocean animals as so much plastic ends up in the water.

They are crowding landfills and far too many objects are composed of plastic.

Billions of plastic silverware are used every year. It takes entirely too long for plastic to decompose while way too much of it is made in the first place.

plastic pollution

Millions of tons of plastic are ending up in landfills also.

At this rate, the world is creating plastic to the point that it cannot break down fast enough.

On the other hand, bamboo has been nothing short of beneficial to our planet.

Just the fact that bamboo can release more than a third more oxygen than other plant life. This function alone can prevent environmental issues. Global warming will lessen as well.

No soil erosion like the other plants and trees. What’s amazing is that bamboo leaves behind no carbon footprint.

sustainable bamboo

Yeah, you heard that right.

They behind no carbon footprint while removing carbon from the planet.

It’s time to let the plastic go because the population is killing the entire world.

Why should a material that is non-biodegradable, be used for disposable items?

By now, you should be using bamboo utensils to lower your carbon footprint and keep living your best eco-friendly life.

EcoRoots has you covered…

Our 5-piece Bamboo Cutlery Set is a must-have.

bamboo utensils

Here’s why:

  • Includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and straw
  • Reusable, a great zero waste alternative
  • Antibacterial, biodegradable, and non-toxic
  • And of course, it comes in plastic-free packaging

People often associate natural health products at higher prices, but that is not the case with bamboo kitchen items.

They are affordable for even some of the smallest budgets. And our bamboo set we offer here at EcoRoots is no exception.

bamboo utensils

Get our cutlery set for just for only $12.90.

These utensils are to be hand-washed only. Be sure to keep them clean and dry. But they are quite easy to clean.

It wouldn’t hurt to also use oil here and there to clean it. It will help retain its smoothness and shine.

Best of all, they do not stain the way those wood utensils do.

bamboo utensils

Bamboo is also resistant to heat, so you can cook with these utensils with no problem. The bamboo does not trap any odors either, so it’s a much cleaner option for cooking and eating.

This product is ethically sourced and provides a variety of utensils you use all the time in the kitchen.

bamboo utensils

And if you like the natural look, you’ll be sure to love their appearance.

Bamboo is impressive and even symbolic to others.

Turns out it is a durable and sustainable natural resource that has over 10,000 uses on record like paper, sheets, and musical instruments. There are interesting facts involving bamboo, making it very beneficial in several ways.

This special plant life is a species of grass.

However, it is the only type of grass that can diversify the forest and of course, it is the largest. There are well over 1500 species and their growth potential varies by species.

Bamboo is known to grow in tropical and subtropical environments. Even though bamboo originated in Malaysia and Indonesia, and it is native to 5 out of 7 continents.

bamboo utensils

However, Asia is where bamboo mostly grows.

But wait, there’s more…

It’s a beneficial, renewable resource because:

1. Bamboo grows exceptionally fast.

Bamboo grows at a varied rate depending on the species. At most, bamboo has the potential to grow a meter in a single day. A species of bamboo holds the Guinness World Record for fasting growing plant.

2. Bamboo tends to grow on its own.

There’s not that much that bamboo needs to mature. They need only a fraction of a cotton plant would need to survive and grow. No irrigation for bamboo to mature is needed either. It doesn’t even need pesticides. The fact that grass can keep growing when separated and spread out allows it to be very renewable.

3. Bamboo develops maturity much faster than other plant life.

As it grows fast, it can be harvested quite frequently. Farmers can even prepare for climate change. Trees out there need twenty years at the minimum to grow to be ready for harvest. Bamboo reaches maturity at three years minimum.

4. Bamboo is long-lasting.

The durability in this lightweight grass makes a resource that lasts long.

Bamboo is very tough to be a lightweight grass with great flexibility. It can even last longer the traditional wooden utensils. The smooth surface of bamboo remains smooth, unlike wooden utensils and even other types that will get rougher and worn as time goes by.

Therefore, it provides better value than what you may have in your kitchen drawers now.

Save yourself money by having to replace kitchen utensils less often by switching to bamboo.

bamboo cutlery

The bamboo utensils are a perfect way to have an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to do dishes all the time.

However, taking a little extra time washing a few more utensils is the greener thing to do.

Our bamboo cutlery is great for anyone to use so it’ a great gift for any occasion.

bamboo utensils

Let EcoRoot’s very own bamboo cutlery set be your start to eating better not just food-wise, but utensil wise.

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