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Zero Waste Packaging to Save Our Planet

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Zero Waste Packaging to Save Our Planet

Let’s face it.

Plastic is ruining our environment

Our world has accumulated over 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic since the 1950s. Plastic is not something that just wastes away so quickly either. 

Plastic can take more than 400 years to degrade which is mind-blowing. We all know that almost all of it ends up being trash. 

But think about how plastic has taken over as the main packaging material when shipping products. 

Every package you receive at your door has some type of plastic material inside

Our online business EcoRoots wants to get rid of plastic in packaging

EcoRoots Zero Waste Packaging 


zero waste packaging


EcoRoots contributes to decreasing this plastic epidemic by using zero-waste packaging with eco-friendly materials.

zero waste packaging


All orders shipped by Eco Roots are completely plastic free

We use craft paper tape, cardboard, and recycled paper in our packaging

We believe in minimalism and we are helping a zero-waste movement by using the best materials that are biodegradable

zero waste packaging

Eco-friendly household items and hygiene products shouldn’t be shipped to you in a material that’s damaging for our planet. 

The products we offer are natural and they benefit us and the environment. 

So why not have our packaging do the same? It’s only right that EcoRoots gets behind the plastic-free cause.

Plastic is the number one problem with waste, and it will only continue to be a problem if businesses continue to use this type of packaging.

Even though eco-friendly packaging costs are more reasonable than plastic and other materials. Manufacturers continue to create more and more plastic each year. Landfills are piling up at a rapid rate.

zero waste packaging

In about 30 years we can possibly accumulate over 12 billion tons of plastic in our landfills. Even worse about half of it gets there within the first year of being used.  Our oceans are suffering just like our lands

An estimated 8 million metric tons will end up in the oceans annually. Ocean animals are dying constantly from plastic waste despite ocean rescue and cleanup efforts.

The fact that oceans and landfills are being overwhelmed by plastic really shows how much is being made and wasted.

Cutting plastic out of packaging can make a difference in the amount of plastic we use and quickly waste.

Therefore, doing this can cut down the amount that is manufactured every year.

That’s why EcoRoots uses craft paper tape, cardboard, and recycled paper as our go-to materials for packaging. 


zero waste packaging

However, we’ll keep it simple with our chosen biodegradable materials.

Types of zero waste packaging materials

Craft paper tape will decrease the amount of plastic packaging that ends up in landfills simply because it’s made from recyclable paper

Package theft or tampering happens when shipping materials too. 

Craft paper tape helps protect your package contents from the strong bond the tape has with the package itself. You cannot open a package sealed with craft paper tape without altering the appearance of where you take the tape off. 

zero waste packaging


If it’s on cardboard it will be small tears of where the tape was removed.

Craft paper tape makes it easy to detect if a package has been tampered with. Its strength and durability mean that less tape is used to seal a package. Meaning that less tape can be used overall in shipping. 

This tape benefits us as a business but more so you as a customer. Consider craft paper tape as extra protection on your package when ordering from us.


Since craft paper tape is made from recycled paper, we use it in other parts of the packaging.

There is a lot of recyclable paper around so why not use it to pack items instead of piling up in landfills? 


zero waste packaging

Paper is the easiest to recycle and is one of the most recycled products we waste. Paper still ends up in landfills taking up a large portion of the area. 

Therefore, recycled paper packaging must continue and become the norm in businesses.

Packing molds can be created from just newspaper and water.  Nothing gets simpler than that. 

Finally, cardboard is very suitable for packaging while being biodegradable, recyclable, and sustainable

zero waste packaging

There are amazing benefits to the environment from simply recycling the cardboard we use on Earth. 

Can you believe that recycling just one ton of cardboard can save 9 cubic yards in a landfill, 7000 gallons of water, 46 gallons of oil, 17 trees, and 4000kW of electricity

That’s incredible!

The United Kingdom saves 2 million tons of cardboard from ending up in their landfills every year. 

They have the highest recyclable rate for cardboard in the world.

We feel everyone needs to follow suit and recycle cardboard to achieve the same milestones. 


zero waste packaging


Eliminating plastic in packaging is even economically important. 

Waste from plastic packaging causes a worldwide $80-120 billion-dollar loss annually according to the World Economic Forum. 

We all know the money of that amount can be used in so many other ways.  Instead, it’s being wasted because the world can’t seem to get enough of plastic

The production of plastic doubles every 15 years and that needs to decrease to help the zero-waste movement.

zero waste packaging

Nonetheless, if we can at least continue to keep recycling materials to replace plastic packaging we can still make a difference.

EcoRoots uses craft paper tape, cardboard, and recycled paper to make a difference in packaging. 

zero waste packaging

We make it our mission to ship every package with completely plastic-free materials to save the planet. 

Visit our website and see what natural products can be sent to you in an eco-friendliest way. 


zero waste packaging

Let’s rid ourselves of the plastic materials as they continue to damage our planet each year. 

Support the zero-waste movement with EcoRoots to continue to make an impact on plastic pollution.

Zero waste packaging



Comments on this post (2)

  • Jan 14, 2020

    Hi Melanie,

    The peanuts that we use for our packaging are made of cornstarch. They are biodegradable or dissolvable in water. You can also reuse them. :)

    — EcoRoots

  • Jan 13, 2020

    I see this post was written last June, but I recently made a purchase (January 2020) and was curious about the “foam peanuts” inside. Are they made of cellulose or plant fibers? Can I throw them in the compost?
    Thank you for the work you do. I love the quality of the products I purchased already. Looking forward to using them for years to come.

    — Melanie

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