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Plastic-Free Deodorant [Exactly What You Are Looking For]

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Plastic-Free Deodorant [Exactly What You Are Looking For]

In our quest to smell good and mask the odor of our sweat, we slowly degrade the environment with many beauty products that promise to keep us fresh and clean. Unfortunately, today's environmental crisis is a result of the compiled efforts of these beauty products like deodorants and other contributing environmental factors.

If you are among the many people looking to switch to sustainable products that are 100% eco-friendly and have little to no impact on the environment, then you will love this new eco-friendly product that has taken the internet by storm. 

The product in question is a plastic-free deodorant that has gathered lots of loyal users and clinched top positions in customer reviews, but what makes the product different from other zero-waste deodorants in the present market, and why should you switch to it immediately? 

Learn more as we take you through the wonders of sustainable beauty…

What is Plastic-Free Deodorant?

plastic free deodorant women applying deodorant

With the present condition of the world's manufacturing market, a 100% recyclable product sounds impossible, right? Well, there are now new products circulating in the market that follow this almost-impossible logic and a plastic-free deodorant is a proof. 

As its name suggests, a plastic-free deodorant is a deodorant that contains no plastic or earth-degrading ingredients or components in its composition or packaging. This means it is entirely made from cruelty-free, recyclable, and eco-friendly materials and can be reformed into something useful. 

Plastic-free deodorant does not only mean a plastic-free container or packaging, as opposed to many opinions; it means a plastic or chemical-free composition. You get to enjoy all-natural deodorants made from locally sourced ingredients, handmade with love, packaged with recyclable materials, and transported to the comfort of your home. 

However, why do you need to switch to a deodorant cream if your current deodorant works? Why should you consider an alternative if there is no need to change your grooming products? 

Tag along as we explain why this switch will be one of the most monumental decisions you can embark on. 

Why should I switch to plastic-free deodorant?

women armpits

As we proceed further into our discussion, we cannot deny the influence of the non-sustainable beauty market on our daily lives and in our decision-making. From the outright misleading and hoax promises made by the advertisements to the discounted prices and their buy two-for-one price, we are often tempted to get more deodorant products than we need. In the end, we discard them once another brand with a better advertising campaign comes on.

Once discarded, we move on with our lives to try out the next product that promises to keep our pits as dry as the sands in Sahara. We barely question where this discarded product is — it could be at a nearby landfill or floating in the Atlantic. One way or the other, we cannot deny our harmful contribution to the environment's current mishap.

Deodorants are important grooming products that cover up the smell of body odor with fragrance. They are especially useful for people who sweat above normal or for those living in areas with high temperatures. For a cosmetic product designed to help combat awful odor from the body and/or sometimes limit the body's perspiration, it is bound to contain certain chemicals that provide drying and antibacterial effects. 

Some of these chemicals include alcohols, propyl glycol, hexamethylenetetramine, sodium stearate, and sodium chloride, to mention a few. These deodorant chemicals pollute the air and also negatively affect the body. It has exposed many to carcinogenic diseases, skin irritation, and a wide range of unreported side effects. 

In addition, most of these products come in fancy packages that are designed to catch the eye of prospective consumers. These attractive packages are usually made from plastic, a major factor in Earth's declining wildlife and an important indicator of the correct flooding in our environment. Isn't it right enough to make that change without sacrificing your smell? Yes, you can still smell good and also take a step to better the environment, and there is no other way to do so than to purchase EcoRoots plastic-free deodorant.

EcoRoots is your go-to brand for sustainable beauty shopping without compromising quality. Just because it's eco-friendly doesn't make it subpar; rather you get to enjoy the best of natural products. Our plastic-free deodorant is as natural as any zero-waste deodorant can get, as every ingredient is sourced naturally, so you are assured of the best treatment nature offers. 

In addition, our manufacturing methodology is also eco-friendly as we explain how each product is made, what they contain, and how they can benefit prospective consumers; these claims are backed by the excellent, genuine, online reviews on their website and Amazon store. 

Our zero waste store take sustainability to the core by delivering your package with sustainable materials. If you think our claims or fight for sustainability ends in their production processes or product composition, then you have thought wrong as we ensure our fight for sustainability includes zero waste packaging.

But natural deodorant "doesn't work"…says some people

plastic free deodorant

If we are lucky to have one plastic material recycled, for how many times people claim natural deodorants aren't as effective as non-plastic-free deodorants, then the environment would be rid of plastic pollution. 

'Natural deodorants don't just work for me', is a popular expression we hear from many consumers as they claim the natural constituents of plastic-free deodorants are ineffective in masking odor.

If you happen to be among the hundreds or even thousands of people who tried using plastic-free deodorants for a few days and quit due to the supposedly non-effective properties. Then we suggest you transition to zero waste deodorants like EcoRoots plastic-free deodorants as you may have dropped off some of the best grooming products due to your impatience.

Transitioning from a chemical-based deodorant to an all-natural formulated one is going to take a toll on the body. The initial (chemical-based) blocks sweat glands from producing sweat and also create an acidic environment for bacteria to prevent odor, so it is expected that your body goes through some biological adjustments or detoxification to accommodate the new kind of deodorant.

Further research and analysis showed that many complained that the all-natural deodorant made them smell worse than they normally would; hence, they had to switch back to combat it. This new unpleasant odor is a result of the bacterial changes in your underarms as your body chemistry is starting to get rid of all the chemicals you were once used to. While this is certainly a huge change, a lot of people assumed it was the unpleasant ingredients in the zero-waste deodorants.

One of the notable opinions from our research is the 'I once went days without using a deodorant without smelling, but I still smell a lot within the first few weeks of using a plastic-free deodorant.' In response, we realized they have been using deodorants for years, and some stretch as far as their early teenage years. 

The long use of these deodorants made with chemicals like aluminum salts and compounds has successfully constricted their sweat pores and, in return, prevents them from sweating for a while. This means they traded an important body process for optimal underarm dryness.

Switching to an eco-friendly deodorant will subject you to more sweating than usual at first as the body slowly erodes the chemicals, increasing the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the underarms. This increase in sweating is the body's response to flushing out toxins. 

Mind you, this process takes a short while and won't last for long as the body begins to rebalance and stop the overproduction of odor-causing bacteria. Then your underwear moisture slowly declines as the body accepts the new kind of natural deodorant.

We understand embarking on this journey can be scary as body odor correlates to self-confidence, and it is certainly not pleasant to smell in intimate areas of the body. However, this is beneficial in the long run when you realize the few days or weeks of detoxification will lead you to a lifetime of being healthy. 

If you are choosing to be among the brave ones ready to take on this new change, using a natural antibacterial soap for your bath, carrying a travel-sized deodorant around, and wearing natural fibers like cotton, bamboo, and linen to help evaporate sweat are some of the best ways of handling the detoxification process.

Now that you've decided to transition into these sustainable beauty products, here are the things to look out for when you choose to buy an aluminum free deodorant.

What To Look For When Buying plastic-free Deodorant?

plastic free deodorant

As the sustainability culture gathers more limelight, more products are being dropped daily into the market to cater to this new form of need. As expected, many of these products that claim to be sustainable or give back to the community do not. For newbies who may not be able to differentiate between faux plastic-free deodorant and legitimate ones, here are some things you can need to look out for:


A true plastic free deodorant must be cruelty-free. Products regarded as cruelty-free must not be tested on animals as these tests cause the suffering and even death of hundreds of thousands of animals. In order to provide safe and standard products, there is no need to sacrifice millions of animals to check for their safety, as truly sustainable products outsourced from nature do not cause harm to the body.


People often confuse vegan products with cruelty-free as they both refer to the safety of animals. The vegan tag on a product means none of its constituents comes from any animal part. Ensure you watch out for the vegan trademark on any plastic-free product to ensure all of its constituents are either made from plants or other natural sources.


Aluminum is a popular product seen in many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products as its salts and other derivatives block sweat glands or pores, reducing sweating. In addition, the constant use of antiperspirants and deodorants containing aluminum salts can accumulate aluminum salts in the breasts. There isn't substantial proof that the accumulated salts can cause breast cancer, although there is a chance it can be linked to it. 


Paraben is another popular chemical used by the cosmetic industry as a preservative; it is seen in many beauty products absorbed by the skin. This dangerous chemical is known to mimic estrogen, the female hormone, and excessive exposure to paraben have been linked to cancer repeatedly.

Baking soda-free

Including baking soda as one of the many things to watch out for in a plastic-free deodorant can be surprising as many zero-waste deodorants depend on or use it as an active ingredient. Although sodium bicarbonate is an antibacterial and a natural PH neutralizer, putting something as alkanoic as baking soda throws off your armpit good bacteria, exposing you to breakouts, irritation, and skin infection.


Would you purchase a zero-waste product that comes in plastic? The first step to recognizing sustainable products is by looking at their packaging. If it comes in an eco-friendly packet that can be reusable or that can easily decompose into the soil when discarded, then you are most definitely using an all natural deodorant.

Free from other dangerous chemicals

Although aluminum and paraben seem to be the major products found in deodorant, other chemicals should be made known. Among them include triclosan, an antibacterial chemical used in numerous deodorants to kill odor-causing bacteria in the armpit, and phthalates, another common ingredient in deodorants and cosmetics. Triclosan is known to copy and interfere with the hormones, while phthalates are chemical preservatives that pose a risk to the body.

Watch out for the 'Eau de toilette' or 'parfum' tag

When you see the trademark 'Eau de toilette' or 'parfum' tag, ensure you avoid such products as they contain numerous undisclosed ingredients that are labeled as 'germ-fighting' or 'long-lasting'. In most cases, these ingredients are not environmentally friendly; hence, it's best to avoid them.

Now that you know what to look out for in a plastic-free deodorant, why not search no further as EcoRoot's eco-friendly deodorant and deodorant cream checks all the required boxes? Here is why you should use our products.

Why should I try this plastic-free deodorant?

EcoRoots zero-waste deodorant is the exact product that dismantles the usual plastic packaging and irritating ingredients. If you want to transition into a natural and non-toxic deodorant that actually promotes a healthy smell and prevents poor odor. Our EcoRoots deodorants are baking soda and aluminum free so that it performs excellently with your body function, which will help reduce odor-causing bacteria. 

We offer two kinds of eco-friendly products for better versatility — the first product is our EcoRoots tube Deodorant. This deodorant works well with all skin types and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. It comes in various scents to suit your needs — these scents include Coconut, Lavender, and Eucalyptus + Mint.

Awesome range of scents

According to online reviews, the EcoRoots Coconut Tube Deodorant is the people's favorite. Many describe it as “giving out a warm, embracing scent of fresh and creamy coconut.” Imagine masking in the heavenly odor of a thousand coconut puree. Sounds ethereal, right? 

Did we make mention of our Lavender Scent that is catching the attention of everyone? It offers a well-balanced scent of calming lavender flowers that is delicate, sweet, floral, yet woodsy and herbal-like. While you keep odor-causing bacteria at bay, you get also to enjoy the soothing and sedative lavender scent. 

Let us introduce you to the icy Eucalyptus + Mint scent that is slowly creeping up on us. If you want that clean, fresh, minty, and earthy feel then you need to get this deodorant scent.

Handmade in the United States

If you are looking to support a small business in the United States by removing power and fortune from the concentration of big merchants that do not care about the environment, then buying our EcoRoots deodorants is one sure way to do so. 

We are a small business in Arizona that focuses on eco-friendly and zero-waste beauty products. 

Compostable & Recyclable Paper Tube

Rather than the usual plastic or metallic tube that we see on the shelves, we have taken it a step further by ensuring our deodorant tube is compostable and recyclable. This allows easy application and recycling.

How to use our eco-friendly paper tube deodorant

plastic free deodorant

Applying our EcoRoots stick deodorant is fairly easy as it requires you to remove the top of the deodorant and gently push the bottom of the tube up. This action allows the stick of deodorant to pop up slightly —- you can apply a generous amount to your clean underarms. Reapply as many times as you wish and ensure the underarms are clean, dry, and free from injuries that could trigger a reaction.

If you find it difficult to apply the deodorant properly on your underarms, we suggest you try this technique that serves as an eye-opener to our consumers. Place the deodorant on your underarms for a while and allow your natural heat to melt the deodorant stuck well. This will allow for the easy spread of deodorant in your underarms, allowing you to apply it generously.

Our EcoRoots Deodorant cream is a must-try as it is made with naturally sourced ingredients. It is also another stylish product of EcoRoots lifelong commitment to creating zero waste deodorant, as the organic ingredients will leave your armpits smelling as fresh as you want. Our best-selling deodorant cream is made with arrowroot powder, coconut oil, and unrefined shea butter to help combat nasty armpit odors. 

Like our EcoRoots stick deodorants, our EcoRoots cream deodorants also come in four scents which include Coconut Scent, Lavender Scent, Eucalyptus Mint Scent, and Unscented.

Great for Sensitive Pits

If you are sensitive to a wide range of deodorants as you instantly break out in hives or irritate badly, our EcoRoots deodorant cream is specifically designed for you. You get to enjoy natural smells and also get protected from nasty and sweaty odors.

Recyclable/Recyclable Glass Jar with Metal Lid

The recyclable glass jar and the metal lid are another significant reason to have our deodorant as it allows for easy reach to the deodorant cream and the additional bamboo application stick allows you to evenly spread the cream underneath your pits.

How to use our deodorant cream

deodorant cream how to use

Like our first product, using our deodorant cream is also easy as it requires you to apply your desired amount to your underarms. Ensure you break the cream into your skin so it promotes a better smell in your pits.

Is this product eco-friendly?

The products are eco-friendly as every step of production or manufacturing comes directly from nature. Each deodorant is handmade and decorated with eco-friendliness in mind and each purchased deodorant is wrapped with love and recyclable materials. So why not hurry and get one or more of our EcoRoots products.

Where can I get this product?

You can easily purchase zero waste store products on their website or the deodorant cream is also available on Amazon. We have extended our products to online shopping websites to allow you easy access to them and once you place an order, your order will be shipped immediately to your location with ease. Why not place an order on our website or other online shopping sites to enjoy the goodness and efficiency of 100% eco-friendly beauty products?

Why is EcoRoots special?

zero waste deodorant deodorant cream

In the meantime, we also give back to the community, so a purchase from us is an indirect donation to the community. Since we are brand backed by the community, we have continually contributed to the community, and we are also a part of many organizations that help contribute to saving the environment.

By doing this, we play an active role in healing our environment and financially supporting groups designed to create a positive impact on our planet.

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