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Zero Waste Makeup [Why Everyone`s Switching To]

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Zero Waste Makeup [Why Everyone`s Switching To]

A better beauty routine started with the movement to stop testing cosmetics on animals. It was a harmful and cruel process that went on for decades. But in the 1970s, things started to change. The group Fashion With Compassion demanded it.

Then, in the 1990s, the United Kingdom started a trend we could get behind by banning all animal testing. At the time, it was a bold and controversial choice. But many other countries soon saw the light and followed their lead.

Today, millennial consumers account for two-thirds of shoppers, and they’re basing their product decisions on concerns like animal testing, plastic usage, and the safety of the ingredients used. Thanks to this, over 40 countries worldwide have banned or restricted animal testing on cosmetic ingredients and cosmetics.

The cruelty-free movement goes hand in hand with the zero waste movement. They’re both about doing less harm and making more conscious choices. We’re proud to offer products that cover both bases.

And we’re here to tell you why everyone’s switching to zero waste makeup, zero waste skin care or natural skin care products these days. If you’re someone who regularly or even just occasionally uses cosmetics, you’ll want to read on.

What is Zero Waste Makeup?

Zero waste makeup goes by many different names. Some call it zero waste, others call it plastic-free makeup. Sustainable makeup, zero waste cosmetics, non-toxic makeup, and natural makeup products are other appropriate labels.

But whatever you choose to call it, its definition stays the same. Zero waste makeup meets the following criteria:

  • Must be cruelty-free.
  • Must be vegan.
  • The product packaging, including both the containers and the shipping materials, should be as plastic-free as possible, making use of materials that can be recycled , upcycled or composted instead.

Sounds simple, right? You’d be surprised how many companies can’t (or won’t) pull it off! But, as consumers, we can be the ones to drive that change. A well-intentioned group of eco-friendly individuals can truly change the world. We’ve seen it happen already.

At its center, the zero-waste philosophy encourages a more wholesome and respectful daily routine. It’s more respectful of the environment, our waterways, marine life, and our bodies. It promotes healthy choices for a more mindful and happier life.

It encourages recycling vs upcycling, minimizing waste, reducing consumption, and choosing sustainable, reusable, and environmentally friendly and ethical alternatives. After all, there is no planet B. So, we see nothing wrong with making positive changes today for a better tomorrow.

Why Your Beauty Routine Deserves a Zero Waste Makeup Lineup

Thinking about building a new lifestyle can be daunting. But you may already be farther into your eco-friendly routine than you think. If you ever bring tote bags or reusable produce bags to the grocery store, that’s a step in the right direction.

If you use your favorite steel steel tumbler at home instead of filling your recycling bin with single-use plastic water bottles, that’s another. Or switching to a natural loofah instead of single-use ugly plastic sponges. Building an eco-friendly lifestyle is easier than most people expect it to be.

And as you make these simple choices for a more conscious lifestyle, your momentum builds. You get excited to learn about and adopt new products and practices. Before you know it, you’re living an exceptional, sustainable lifestyle.

It sneaks up on you in the best way possible. And once you’re on your way, why not revisit your beauty routine? After all, these products are applied to your face, hands, and other sensitive skin spots.

Sustainable makeup and zero waste cosmetics give you a beauty routine you can feel good about. Traditional products contain heavy fillers, synthetics, and chemicals. These ingredients are cheaper than healthier ones.

But who wants to shop for products that are cheaply made, harmful to the environment, and potentially harmful to the skin? Traditional beauty products are often linked to rashes, breakouts, dry skin, and other concerns. They keep you coming back for more by perpetuating the problems that they claim to solve.

Natural makeup products skip the fillers and give you happy, healthy, wholesome ingredients instead. With the power of plants, vitamins, essential oils, and organic materials, they provide an impressive list of benefits.

And they won’t harm the environment before, during, and after they’re used, either. Nontoxic makeup is better than traditional cosmetics in every way. You deserve to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. And your skin deserves it, too.

Our Zero Waste Makeup Products

When it comes to using cosmetics, we all have our preferences. We know what our skin needs and what we need to feel happy, healthy, and confident. At EcoRoots, we want more of that feeling. Our beauty products are all about sustainable living and happy, healthy, confident skin.

We offer a full lineup of natural makeup products to ensure that you have everything you need. And we’re still growing, adding new products all the time. Here are some of our conscious consumers’ favorites:

From start to finish each day, we’ve got your back and your beauty routine. Why waste another day putting things on your skin that don’t belong? Our products are better for the environment and your skin.

Often, they not only reduce pesky skin concerns like breakouts, rashes, and allergic reactions, but they also promote healing and even skin tones. Depending on the product, they might soothe sensitive skin, reduce inflammation, or brighten.

They nourish, moisturize, and improve your skin, and they do it all naturally. Click any one of the links in the list above to start shopping or read on for a deeper dive into each of these incredible products.

Highlighter Makeup Stick

If you’ve never used a highlighter makeup stick before, your world is about to be changed! With its natural light reflective qualities, our vegan highlighter stick can be applied right to the face to give your skin a refreshed look.

This incredible benefit makes it perfect for those early mornings when your skin just needs a bit of a boost. This highlighter stick is a sustainable makeup product made with nourishing plant-based ingredients.

Vitamin A, rich organic shea butter, and protective grapeseed and rosehip oils combine to create a luminous and eco-friendly experience. The natural ingredients make it great for all skin types, and the stick format makes it easy to use for targeted applications.

And when we say easy to use, we mean it. All you have to do is this:

  • Push up from the bottom of the tube.
  • Apply the stick directly to your brow bones, cheekbones, or cupid’s bow (the section of skin between the lip and nose).
  • Use alone or over your makeup.

It has a champagne gold sheen to light up your skin, and it is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and compostable. Once your paper tube is empty, just throw it on your compost pile! It’s that easy.

And it’s one of three zero-waste cosmetic sticks that we provide. Use our highlighter makeup stick with or without the bronzer stick or blush stick, depending on your beauty needs and goals. Each one helps achieve different outcomes but they also work very well together, too.   

Bronzer Stick

Made with similar ingredients as the highlighter makeup stick, our bronzer stick is great for all skin types. It is lightweight and easy to blend, vegan and cruelty-free, plastic-free, and compostable.

This bronzing stick can be applied to the face and body to give your skin a natural and appealing golden shimmer. Targeted applications are a breeze with this handy stick. And you use it the same way as the highlighter; just push up from the bottom and apply.

There is no scent added, but this bronzer stick has a natural scent of light cacao. Slightly earthy and reminiscent of chocolate, the natural scent is a welcome addition to the many other benefits of this bronzer stick!

Blush Stick

Available in two colors, pinch and bloom, our sustainable blush stick hydrates and gives your cheeks a warm glow. Made with organic plant oils and cocoa and mango butter, it is great for all skin types. The pomegranate seed and red raspberry oil help prevent moisture loss, too.

Both color options glide on smooth and give a nice, natural finish. Try pinch for a warm glow or bloom for a light, fresh, rosy hue. This palm oil-free, organic, cruelty-free, vegan, and USA-made blush is a product you can feel good about.

And its packaging can be recycled or composted for an eco-friendly experience from start to finish. To use it, just push up from the bottom and apply directly to your cheekbones.

You can apply multiple layers until you achieve your desired look. You can also apply with a makeup sponge or a large, flat blush brush if you prefer. Whichever application method you choose, you’ll achieve incredible, natural results.

Zero Waste Lip Balm

For an ultra-hydrating and organic, nontoxic makeup experience, our zero waste lip balm is a must! Did you know that 1,000,000,000 plastic lipstick tubes are discarded each year? They end up piled into landfills and floating in our oceans.

But not when you choose zero waste lip balm instead. This one protects and moisturizes with plant-based ingredients. Cacao and mango butter make it smoother, thicker, and longer-lasting than traditional lip balms, too.

There is no added scent, but it smells naturally of light cacao. And since it is packaged into a paper tube, you can compost your new vegan and plastic-free lip balm when it’s done. Choose rouge colored for a naturally moisturized and warm flush look.

Or choose bare for a tinted lip balm that gives your lips a naturally shiny and hydrated look. Simply push up gently from the bottom and apply directly to your lips. Rich in natural color and healthy, happy ingredients, your lips will thank you!

Vegan Lip Balm

If you prefer non-tinted lip balms, we’ve got that covered, too! Our vegan lip balm options will keep your lips moisturized, protected, and softened without altering their color. Choose pacific peppermint for a light, refreshing flavor.

Or choose costal berry for an unflavored option. Both are 100% plant-based. Made with smooth candelilla wax, shea butter, cocoa butter, and luxurious nut and seed oils, these lip balms are ideal for even the most sensitive mouths. Your lips will feel soft, protected, and happy.  

And you can recycle or compost the tube when you’re done! These vegan lip balms are organic, cruelty-free, plastic-free, and handmade from locally sourced ingredients. Pick your favorite and apply it to your lips and face as needed.

Because it comes in a compact paper tube, it is an ideal option for both daily home use and travel. Our suggestion: keep one in the house and one in your purse or backpack. It goes on smooth and moisturizes for hours. Soft and sustainable lips are just a click away!

Makeup Remover

Now that we’ve talked about some of the sustainable makeup products you might enjoy during the day, let’s talk about the best option to take it all off when you get home. If you’ve ever read the ingredient list on a package of traditional makeup wipes, you already know that it’s time to choose a better way.

And if you’ve found yourself on our page, we know you’ve found it! Our LuaSkinCare natural makeup remover cleansing oil is gentle yet completely effective in removing dirt, oil, and makeup. And it does all of this without leaving your skin feeling tight or dry.

After each use, you’ll find clean skin that glows. This is an antioxidant-rich and natural makeup remover that gently washes away impurities and leaves your skin with a beautiful, healthy look and feel.

It surprises most people to find out that over-washing, excessive makeup use, and over-exfoliation can all cause dryness and breakouts. Reduce these pesky skin irritations by adding our organic makeup remover to your skincare routine.

Since it’s vegan and made with natural ingredients, it’s safe for daily use and all skin types. It moisturizes without clogging your pores, protects skin cells from damage caused by the sun and free radicals, promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and cell regeneration, and has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

And it comes in an adorable, decorative recyclable glass bottle and pump. To use it, just massage into the skin and over the eyes, then wipe away with a warm, wet reusable cotton round or washcloth.

This product is clean for your skin and consciously packaged for the planet. We can’t think of a better combination for your sustainable beauty routine!

Reusable Cotton Rounds

Speaking of reusable cotton rounds, our organic set of ten helps protect the environment by eliminating disposable cotton balls from your beauty routine. They’re made of sustainable and biodegradable organic cotton and bamboo.

Soft and gentle, these reusable rounds are perfect for removing makeup or applying face cream, lotion, or toner. They’re also ideal for washing up with your favorite cleanser. And using them is simple:

  • Appy your preferred product to a facial round.
  • Gently massage onto eyes or skin.
  • Wash after each use.
  • Lie it down flat and allow it to air dry.

Following these steps will give you the best results and extend the life of your reusable cotton rounds. This is care for your skin that is clean for the planet. And what better way to build a beauty routine?  

Cotton Swabs

It takes about five seconds to swab the inside of your ear with a q tip. With such a short lifespan, you might be surprised to know that these plastic-based q tips might sit in a landfill for up to 500 years once you toss them away.

We can’t stress it enough: small changes can make a big difference. Our biodegradable cotton swabs are a great example of this. Their organic bamboo and cotton composition make them biodegradable and compostable so that they easily break down without harming our planet.

This pack of 200 high-quality biodegradable swabs is an excellent sustainable alternative. They are plastic-free, vegan and cruelty-free, and come in compostable paper packaging, too. And you can use them the same way you used the old ones.

Keep them in the bathroom for ear swabbing, makeup neatening, application, or removal, or as a handy tool (pun intended) while you do your nails. You can also use them for crafts with the kids or to clean hard-to-reach spots around the house!

Powder Face Cleanser

Our reusable cotton rounds and powder face cleanser are the perfect pair. Say goodbye to rough patches, clogged pores, and impurities with this incredible powder face cleanser and exfoliant. From here on out, these annoyances will be a thing of the past!

When activated with water, this dry vegan powder becomes a luxurious, creamy paste. Your skin won’t feel harshly scrubbed and will look and feel as soft as a baby’s once you rinse it off. The clay draws out impurities while the fruit and botanical extracts provide the vitamins your skin craves, and the bamboo gently exfoliates to reveal the softest possible skin.

While it exfoliates and draws out impurities, it also absorbs and removes dirt and oil, leaving behind smooth and fresh skin with a natural glow. The aloe leaf hydrates and conditions too, making it ideal for relieving inflamed or otherwise irritated skin.

The rosehip extract promotes skin regeneration and improves your skin’s texture and clarity. And its other organic ingredients work together to prevent breakouts, target dark spots, improve skin tone, and aid in cell turnover.

It’s hard to find a beauty product that boasts more benefits than this one! Plus, it’s vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, and recyclable or upcyclable once empty. To use it, just wet both hands, pour a nickel-sized amount of powder into your palm, and rub your hands together.

This motion creates a creamy paste that you can massage evenly over your face while gently buffing the skin in a circular motion. Add more water if needed. Then, let it sit on your skin for up to three minutes before removing it with water.

It is safe for most skin types and can be used three to four times per week. Just avoid using it on broken skin, irritated areas, or hyper-sensitive spots. Check out more zero-waste moisturizer and other vegan face wash products here

Plastic-Free Tinted Face Moisturizer

Our reef-safe, zero waste tinted face moisturizer doubles as an incredible, sustainable sunscreen with SPF 30 protection! Enjoy high-performing natural ingredients with the added bonus of ultra-moisturizing properties and a slight medium-toned tint.

This is the ideal moisturizer for daily use. After all, sun protection isn’t just important on those extra sunny days. Whether you’re leaving the house to go to the beach or work, your skin needs protection and hydration.

It is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and extracts that continue to protect your skin long after environmental exposure. It is also biodegradable, safe for all ages, water-resistant, and free from fragrances, preservatives, or chemicals.

To use, apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, after towel drying, and at least every two hours. Our reef safe and plastic-free tinted moisturizer is great for daily use.

The EcoRoots Lifestyle

There you have it, our sustainable makeup lineup! From application to removal, it’s easy to make small changes that lead to big impacts. And it doesn’t end with our beauty routines. At EcoRoots, we provide sustainable products that help you improve all different aspects of your routine.

Shop home and kitchen, bath and beauty, or new arrivals today. Our zero waste blog page is also updated regularly to keep our conscious consumers informed! It’s time to make every day a happy, healthy, eco-friendly day. Because you deserve it, and our planet does, too.

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