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15+ Ethical Alternatives to Amazon Products

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15+ Ethical Alternatives to Amazon Products

Whether you love them or hate them, Amazon makes online shopping a breeze. Need a portable personal massager for your sore back? Amazon’s got you covered with next-day shipping. Want a collection of ceramic planters to beautify your work desk? Check out these 20 different color combinations! Unfortunately, Amazon has a darker side that keeps parts of their sustainability journey secret.

So choose alternative products to Amazon from our collections instead. You’ll be surprised at just how meaningful each kitchen tool, skincare product, or home good becomes when you consider how it’s made and how it impacts the world. We’ve rounded up the essentials here to get you started.

Try these ethical alternatives to Amazon kitchen and home essentials


Whether you’re holiday shopping or giving your home a facelift, our kitchen and home collection won’t disappoint.

1. For the quintessential pick-me-up, the scented candle is a classic choice. Make it cruelty-free with soy wax, and you’ve got the recipe for an ethical scented candle that puts other brands to shame.

Expertly crafted without parabens and artificial colors, then packaged in a reusable amber glass jar with a metal lid, Nightshift Wax & Co.’s vegan candles burn clean and guilt-free. Grab a toasty Coffee & Vanilla jar or enjoy the scent of the holidays any time of the year with Pine & Mistletoe.

  • Try these other sweet scents: Neroli & Honey, Rose Garden
  • Stay grounded with these Earthy essences: Eucalyptus & Moss, Oakmoss & Amber, Blue Spruce & Cedar
  • Keep it warm with a touch of spice: Patchouli & Tobacco, Cranberry Marmalade

These candles are only nine ounces, but quite impressively, they have a burn time of up to 80 hours!

2. If you’re struggling to keep your kitchen sink area tidy, these three basic but fundamental tools might help.

  • Let’s start with something even more basic than sponges and soap: dish cloths! These humble rectangles of fabric make kitchen maintenance totally manageable. It helps to get different prints to keep track of which is used for what.

Luckily, we offer six adorable printed dish cloths here, like Fresh Herbs, Flower Patch, and Daisies to make cleaning more enjoyable. Made in Sweden from natural cellulose and cotton, these cloths are completely compostable and machine wash-safe.

Since the cloths are made of cellulose and cotton, they can be used as paper towel replacements or sponges. Each cloth measures 6.75 inches by 8 inches.

  • Once you’ve got the basics covered, move onto upgrading your dish scrubber. One made of pure beechwood and plant fibers is much more aesthetically appealing and eco-friendly than a plastic alternative. The tough fibers make it great for anything your sponge cloths might struggle with, like caked-on grease or food on glass dishes, baking pans, and large pots. When the bristles are no longer functional, add the whole brush in a compost pile or bury it in your yard for zero-waste disposal.
  • If you want a brush and dish soap combination, try our zero waste cleaning kit. The bundle includes one vegan dish soap, a bamboo cleaning brush with a replaceable head, and a bamboo soap dish.

3. You probably own a reusable straw or two like our 8” stainless steel straws to cut down on plastic use. Besides rinsing them out as soon as you’re able to, you’ll need a straw brush to keep them clean. The brush head is made of coconut bristles with a recyclable stainless steel handle. We ship both of these products plastic- and package-free, so you don’t have to worry about excess waste.

4. Ditch the plastic laundry jugs and opt for a better and low-waste alternative: laundry detergent sheets

Our laundry detergent sheets are pre-measured, so no more pouring, spilling, hauling, or measuring. Whether you use cold, warm, or hot water, the strips will dissolve quickly and effortlessly, seeping in to lift off dirt particles and odor to leave your clothes sparkling clean.

These biodegradable detergent strips are safe and effective in all washing machine types, and they’re septic-safe. And the convenient no-drip, no-mess strip format makes them ideal for traveling, trips to the laundromat, and small laundry rooms, too. Each package is enough for 64 loads.

5. Speaking of package-free, if you need a last-minute gift idea for any occasion, a gift card is always a safe choice. Some people say a gift card is impersonal, but I disagree! When it’s from a store where everything is a practical buy, a gift card is better than a random perfume or cologne--or worse, a shirt your friend or family member will never wear.

Our EcoRoots gift card also never expires and doesn't come with a wasteful plastic rectangle. Load it up from $25 to $300 USD, and your recipient will receive their thoughtful gift through email with further instructions at check-out.

Let’s talk ethical alternatives to Amazon’s bath and body products


Let’s redefine extravagant. The only thing extra about our bath and body collections are the extra special attention to safe ingredients, extra care into making them gentle for your body, and extra thought put into zero waste packaging.

1. Why are soap bars making a comeback? Simply put, these solid vegan bars are plant-based, meaning our partners never use parabens, preservatives, or animal products. The 4-ounce bars come in a compostable drawstring pouch you can use as a zero waste gift wrap.

Full disclosure--all four scents are gentle on skin, thanks to nourishing plant oils like olive, coconut, and lavender.

Looking for something smaller? Try these stunning soap rocks. No, they don’t offer energy-healing powers of natural gemstones, but they do treat your skin to a wholesome lather. That’s because they’re made from sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients like shea butter and botanical pigments. We have four types in total, including an unscented gem for sensitive skin.

2. In need of shaving soap? Consider our organic shaving bar crafted from coconut oil, essential oils, lavender, and avocado oil. Instead of disposable razors that cut skin, try our ethically made, zinc alloy and stainless steel safety razor.

Recycle everything when they’ve reached the end of their life. For the blades, this means about every five to seven uses. There’s nothing worse (and more unsafe!) than using dull razor blades, so stock up with our 10-count razor blade refill.


3. When stepping out of the shower, lock in moisture with our shea butter creams and balms. Want to know a secret? Our shea butter mini bundle makes the perfect gift for anybody.

Inside the box are four tins filled with a moisturizing balm. Use them as spot treatments for dry areas like hands, elbows, and feet, as an all-over balm, or as a hair mask. Recycle the metal box or repurpose it as a catch-all for sundries.

Made by Eu’Genia Shea, a fair wage company based in Ghana and run by women, this moisturizer has purpose beyond skincare. With each purchase, you’re supporting education for workers’ children and providing economic opportunities for their families. This is just one example of how ethical alternatives to Amazon’s Rolodex of large scale brands add meaning to both workers and clients’ lives.

On the other hand, we recommend the UpCircle Beauty body cream for a richer texture. Though intensely hydrating, it won’t leave skin greasy. It calms irritated skin, thanks to date seeds, olive oil, shea butter, and linseed, among other organic ingredients.

Still unsatisfied? Don’t worry, we’ve got just the thing: vegan oil for your face and body. The superstar here is raspberry seed oil, which helps prevent free radicals from wreaking havoc on collagen, aka the stuff that keeps your skin elastic and moisturized. This explains why fans recommend it for soothing acne and other skin conditions.

Recycle the bottle and dropper when done. Recyclable packaging might feel minor, but ethical alternatives to Amazon products reduce plastic waste through these seemingly small changes.

4. The last step to your bath routine? Stay fresh with natural deodorant. You can’t go wrong with Chagrin Valley Soap’s deodorant sticks, featuring coconut oil, shea butter, corn starch, and baking soda as a base. Essential oils like ylang ylang, lemongrass, and spearmint create three distinct scents plus a natural scent option that smells of coconut.

These biodegradable sticks are available in cardboard tubes and adhere to USDA organic standards. You can thank co-founders and wife-husband duo Ida and Sam (couple goals!) for their special attention to all-natural, handmade products.

But wait--you’re sensitive to baking soda? Have no fear, check out this zero waste deodorant from Bai-li, a company based in Los Angeles. On top of being baking soda-free, this handmade deodorant is also aluminum-free, plastic-free, and cruelty-free. Read more about zero waste deodorant here.

Treat your hair to the best care products, courtesy of truly ethical brands


Ever feel pressured to overspend on salon-grade products only to find that your hair’s actually getting more brittle, oilier, or duller? And what’s worse? These so-called high-end brands typically don’t care about sustainable packaging or safe ingredients.

1. That’s why when you compare the ingredients on the average plastic shampoo bottle to our solid shampoo bars, you’ll likely experience an awakening. Whether you start with an unscented shampoo bar and zero waste conditioner or explore an adventurous mixture like our Moroccan shampoo bar or the dream-inducing lavender solid shampoo bar, one thing is for sure: the high-quality vegan ingredients leave your hair healthier than before.

Moreover, each bar helps eliminate plastic on a significant scale in addition to our plastic-free shipping and packaging efforts. One bar lasts about 50 washes and is compatible with any hair type. Some products provide additional benefits like pro-vitamin complex elements, color-safe properties, and hair loss prevention.

Shop our zero waste shampoo collection and our cocoa butter conditioner bars to discover the best one for you. For the ultimate functional bar, we recommend this all-in-one shampoo and conditioner bar. Packed with three different plant-based butters, it works wonders on dry hair. So if you use a hair dryer, curler, or straightener religiously, this might be the best choice.

2. For extra support, invest in a good organic hair oil like this one from Loving Culture. Use it according to your needs: as a scalp conditioner for dry or irritated heads, as a hot oil treatment for dry hair, or as a styling oil for curly hair.

Loving Culture offers products with no phthalates, fragrances, parabens, and dyes that live up to their vegan promises. They also incorporate fair-trade, non-clogging argan oil. Other ingredients include vitamins B, C, and E as well as a mix of omega fatty acids that keep hair healthy.

3. Of course, healthy hair thrives when groomed properly. This universal wooden hair brush works on all hair types to help eliminate frizz and build hair strength. Bamboo bristles and a rubber cushion gently massage your scalp, compared to tough plastic brushes that hurt.

Lastly, this brush is packaged in a recyclable cardboard box, and if the bamboo bristles fall off, they’re compostable. Bonus: the set comes with a brush cleaner.

Need I elaborate more on why we prefer ethical alternatives to Not only do these smaller brands promote sustainable materials, they make life easier for customers in a way that doesn’t compromise the environment.

4. For days when you’re in a rush, silk hair scrunchies save the day. Grab one for each day of the week and some extra for when your friends “forget” to give it back to you after borrowing it for some time.

NÅDE STUDIO handmakes these mulberry silk scrunchies in small batches, dyeing them with plant and food scraps sourced from nearby farms and restaurants, respectively, over the course of two days.

This unique approach demonstrates that slow craft is an achievable, sustainable model. In essence, you’re supporting sustainable and ethical alternatives to Amazon’s business model when you purchase from NÅDE STUDIO.

Just remember: hand wash these beauties using a mild soap and then lay them flat away from the sun.

Fight blemishes with these eco-friendly must-haves


After a stressful day (or month, or year), nothing feels as good as indulging in a full skincare routine, face mask and all.

1. Wipe off the day’s grime with a vegan makeup remover and our reusable cotton rounds.

LuaSkinCare utilizes hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, sea buckthorn berry oil, and other essential oils, cleaning your face without alcohols and other synthetic liquids.

For something stronger, try our vegan powder cleanser. It exfoliates skin while hydrating through aloe leaf.

Follow up with this hibiscus-infused toner. Toning is especially useful for oily skin, but is beneficial for all to eliminate impurities and impart antioxidants.

For another floral scent, try the calendula toner which is geared towards irritated skin. Its alcohol-free formula makes this a hit for all skin types, however. Makers Chuck & Sam craft their plant-based goodies in small batches and trust in fact-based evidence to meet clients’ needs.

2. Up next, moisturizing. For warm weather when creams feel too thick, keep this refreshing aloe lotion close by. But make no mistake--coconut oil and sunflower oil are effective during winter when dry weather sucks moisture out of skin. Rub the lotion onto your body and/or face, being careful not to apply too much. Seriously--a dab might suffice.

For the best results, store it in your fridge to preserve freshness. Since toxic preservatives and alcohols are out of the picture, we must take some precautions!

Additionally, we’ve got something for folks who prefer balms. The face and body balm from Clary Collection is a versatile choice. Eczema flare-ups, itchy bug bites, sore tattoos--apply this balm for instant relief. The miracle lies in the delicate combination of olive oil, lavender, chamomile, rosemary extract, beeswax, plantain leaves, and calendula.

Clary Collection is headed by mothers who wanted clean skincare products reminiscent of botanical-infused oils. Thus, this magical balm was born to save us all from common chronic skin conditions. I don’t know about you, but ethical alternatives to Amazon’s products feel more personal compared to mass produced goods that are nothing special.

3. One thing we often forget to pamper: our lips! The sensitive skin here dries out easily, so a lip balm is crucial. Snag this vegan lip balm in Pacific Peppermint or Costal Berry, the latter an unflavored option. Candelilla wax, shea, and cocoa butter keep the essential oils bound together to shield lips from the elements.

What’s more, these vegan balms come in compostable tubes.


By contrast, cover your lips with a tint using this zero waste lip balm. Organic oils hydrate skin while cacao and mango butter give body to this vegan balm. Packaged in recyclable tubes, it wields the convenient design of a plastic push-up balm without the waste. It’s also available in a bare formula.

4. But the number one rule to healthy skin besides moisturizing and cleansing? Sunscreen! No matter if you’re staying indoors or not after your skincare splurge, it’s essential. Fortunately, we offer reef safe sunscreens from Raw Elements, including their tinted moisturizing sunscreen.

Reef safe means Raw Elements does not use chemicals associated with coral bleaching. Instead, they use non-nano zinc oxide combined with organic parts like sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. These ethical alternatives to Amazon sunscreens are certified organic and natural, plus they’re safe for all age groups.

Why consider ethical alternatives to Amazon goodies at all?


Listen: I know ethical companies exist on the Amazon platform, but at EcoRoots, we are an open book. Ethical production is a key philosophy we screen for when we’re on the chase for new brand partners. Our collections are carefully selected out of thousands of products and companies to provide you with only the best, ethical alternatives to wares. If you have any thoughts on how we can better serve your needs, let us know--we’d love to talk.

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