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Zero Waste Produce Bags | Plastic Free Groceries

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Zero Waste Produce Bags | Plastic Free Groceries

Zero waste produce bags and how to reduce your plastic waste when you do groceries!

Have you ever found yourself wondering if we’ll ever clean up the millions of tons of plastics in our oceans? What about the unimaginable mountains of trash in landfills?


plastic pollution


How will we ever recycle all the plastic that’s already been made?

Honestly, all plastics will probably never get banned. At least not in our lifetime. However, there’s no need to despair. A lot of countries and companies are banning single-use plastics.

Overall, we’re making progress.

For example, select Starbucks locations only offer paper straws. And that’s huge because they’re an international company with a lot of influence.

Imagine if all cafes banned plastic straws!

On the other hand, many stores now only use paper bags or charge for plastic ones.

What’s more, even a lot of cosmetic companies are manufacturing containers made of recycled plastics.

So what can we do about plastics as individuals? There are immediate actions we can take to reduce our own plastic waste.

Unfortunately, the average American uses at least one plastic bag a day. That’s 365 bags a year just for one person.


zero waste produce bags


Think of the whole family’s plastic waste! This doesn’t even account for water bottles or other plastic containers.

What’s worse, only one percent of all these plastic bags are recycled. The rest goes to landfills or pollutes our planet.

And that’s just sad because there are great available alternatives to single-use plastic bags.

Anybody can help cut down on plastic pollution by doing one simple thing. Yes, you can help reduce plastic waste just by avoiding plastic bags at the grocery store.

Switching to reusable produce bags can significantly reduce disposable plastic use, so why not try it?


zero waste produce bags


Let me show you how zero waste produce bags shaped my plastic-free journey.

How Zero Waste Produce Bags Reduced My Plastic Waste

When I discovered just how wasteful plastic bags were, switching to reusable produce bags was a no-brainer.

Why would I keep using something that was obviously so toxic for the environment? Why didn’t I do it sooner?

Admittedly, it wasn’t so obvious to me then.

I had heard of plastic pollution statistics a million times. Some warned me about its negative impacts on ocean animals. Some lectured about all the energy needed to make plastics. Others listed plastic waste stats by country.

All these numbers and images bounced around in my head, but they never stuck for long.

I would feel guilty, but then I’d go back to using them.


Does this sound familiar?

Don’t let this be you. Take this as your sign to switch to zero waste produce bags.

When something finally clicked, I realized that switching to reusable cotton bags is a ridiculously easy step to cut down on plastic waste.

To be honest, I always keep a few bags in my car just in case I forget them when I grocery shop. My tip secret tip is to have at least one on-hand for unexpected purchases or running errands. 

I’ve used them for farmers markets that I randomly discovered, and for carrying items home from work.


reusable produce bags


Bottom line is: I’ve saved countless plastic bags by keeping zero waste produce bags on me at all times.

Trust me, it makes it easier to say no to plastic bags from stores or restaurants when you have a great substitute ready to go.

The good news is switching to reusable bags is also easier if your whole family is involved. Announce the switch to your family and gift them a starter kit.


zero waste produce bags


For instance, try giving them at least two reusable bags--one for produce and one for non-food items.

Reusable produce bags are my go-to practical gifts that don’t end up as clutter. The cool thing is, introducing plastic bags to friends and family is my way of reducing plastic waste beyond my own use.

EcoRoots Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags

Here’s the deal:


zero waste produce bags


EcoRoots’ reusable organic cotton produce bags make it easy to eliminate plastic bags from your life forever.

It doesn’t stop there. They help save you money by encouraging you to buy in bulk and avoid plastic bag fees.

So how do these bags help you save money at the store?

Hint: when you buy in bulk, you’re paying less per unit price, so you’re spending less in the long run.

It’s easier than you think!

Let me show you.

When you buy produce by the weight and you’re using these bags, point out the bag weight to the cashier. This ensures that you only pay for the produce weight, not the tare weight, too.

The bag weights are conveniently placed on the labels, so bulk shopping with these bags is hassle-free.

For added convenience, our bags come in a set of nine ranging from small to large--three bulk bags (one of each size) and six mesh bags (two of each size.)

Let me guess: you’re worried about quality and durability.


zero waste produce bags


Well, let me tell you that the ties are engineered with a stainless steel cord. Furthermore, the bags are washable, but are reinforced with a double stitch.

This means you don’t have to worry about damaging your bags whenever you wash them.

Now get this: our products are waste-free, but we also take great care to make sure we utilize zero-waste packaging.

We use a recyclable cardboard package when we ship our zero waste produce bags.


zero waste produce bags


Additionally, this biodegradable multipurpose bag doubles as storage bags for various household items.

Think socks and underwear, small gardening tools, various electronics, and knickknacks, etc.

This set of nine is a great option for families who buy more produce than a single-person household. It’s also suitable for multi-function reasons.


zero waste produce bags


Here are some ideas for different uses: picnic ware holder, children’s toy bag, assorted electronic cords storage bag, or dirty laundry pouch.

If you’re specifically interested in multipurpose bags, we offer another option.

Are you ready for this?

Our organic cotton mesh-design string bag can be used for produce, clothes, school supplies, for example.


mesh bags


It’s crafted with organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means it’s made with environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible processes.

In a nutshell, we support fair labor and wage and zero-waste principles. Here at EcoRoots, we promise to keep your interest and the planet’s well-being in mind when curating our eco-conscious products.


reusable produce bags


It’s no surprise, then, that this cotton bag is plastic-, package-, and waste-free. The biodegradable material is also completely recyclable.

So what’s the point of switching to reusable bags?

You can use our bags beyond produce to help eliminate plastics in your household, too.

Think about it: if you switch out all the plastic-based containers in your home with our reusable cotton bags, that’s already a hefty accomplishment.

zero waste produce bags

EcoRoots zero waste produce bags are made of 100% Organic Textile Standards Cotton (GOTS) (not bleached or treated with anything), a great reusable alternative to plastic bags.

Our cotton produce bags are super durable, machine washable and 100% biodegradable. Each bag comes with a handy drawstring to help you keep your food from falling out.

Our bulk and mesh bags are great for holding fine grain loose items like flour, rice, nuts, and pasta. 

Frankly, this is just the first step to truly achieving a zero-waste lifestyle.

But remember: any step you take to reduce plastic waste helps protect animals and the natural environment from negative pollution effects.

So take this first step and switch to reusable cotton bags. Aside from holding fruits or veggies, let us know if you discovered new ways to use our zero waste produce bags.


zero waste produce bags

Featured in NY Times as best reusable produce bags on the market. 

And in The Spruce as best overall reusable produce bags in 2021. 

We’d love to know how these bags helped you cut out plastic from your life.

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