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Bamboo floss refill 2 pack
Bamboo floss refill 2 pack
Bamboo floss refill
Bamboo floss refill 2 pack
Bamboo Floss - Refill 2 Pack
Bamboo floss refill
Bamboo floss refill 2 pack
Bamboo floss refill
Bamboo floss refill 2 pack
Bamboo Floss - Refill 2 Pack
Bamboo floss refill

Bamboo Floss - Refill 2 Pack

"This floss is strong & works well, and doesn't shred like other. Love it!" - Sue

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Our Bamboo Floss is made with activated charcoal, bamboo fiber, and essential oils. Coated with vegan candelilla wax, this bamboo floss is gentle and glides easily between your teeth. 

This Bamboo Floss - Refill 2 Pack includes TWO 30 m/33-yard floss REFILLS for your zero waste floss glass dispenser!

  • Bamboo Floss 2-Pack Refills Without Glass Dispenser
  • Compostable/Recyclable Packaging
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Fluoride-Free & Gluten-Free
  • No Preservatives, Colorings or Artificial Sweeteners
  • Plastic-Free Shipping
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil can help kill fungus and bacteria that cause gum disease.
  • Organic Peppermint Essential Oil can help eliminate the hazardous germs that can be found on your gums.

The packaging: Compostable/recyclable glassine paper and kraft box.

How to use it?

  1. Wrap roughly 18 inches of bamboo floss around the two middle fingers; the remaining floss can be secured around the preferred fingers of the other hand. Hold the floss firmly between your thumbs and forefingers - this will help to free up the thumbs and index fingers, as it is these fingers that will manipulate the floss. 
  2. The floss should be maneuvered between the teeth with a gentle rubbing motion and curved against one tooth until the floss meets the gum line. Slide the floss gently between the gum and the tooth.
  3. The floss should be held firmly against the tooth and rub along the surface of the tooth with a gentle up and down movement. This should be continued until the backside of the last tooth is reached. Follow this process for the remaining teeth.
  4. A new section of the floss should be used when plaque builds upon it.

Ingredients: organic bamboo fiber with activated charcoal, candelilla plant vegan wax, biodegradable polymer, organic peppermint oil, organic tea tree oil.

Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Lia Bull-Krieg

Zero Waste Floss

Julie Barton
Eco Friendly

Glad there is a more friendly option! I read that this bamboo floss can be buried!
It is a bit stiffer than the glide floss I'm used to, however it does the job just fine.

Anais Bowring
Great floss, cute bottle

Love the floss, and the lack of plastic, and the reusable bottle. Well done!

Meg Wickwire
Strong and slippy

Finally—natural floss that works well and doesn’t shred!

Sarah Gardner
This actually helps me use less floss!

I was skeptical at first as I was used to floss with a super waxy coating. The problems with that kind of floss is that once it gets wet, it's too slick to get a good grip, so you have to move your hands to a dry section. This requires a long piece, but that's just how I thought floss was.
This floss doesn't have an over-waxy coating (just enough for ease of navigating between teeth) and its threadlike feature provides a good grip. Not only that, I think the threadlike structure helps to get more junk from between your teeth because of the light texture. I now use a third of the size of my regular floss pieces.
I will never go back to my regular floss. This is such a quality product. I love the packaging and I love the benefits to the environment.