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Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar
Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar
Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar
Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar
Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar
Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar

Fresh Mint - Zero Waste Conditioner Bar


Revitalize your hair with our Fresh Mint Zero Waste Conditioner Bar, a minty and cool refreshing scent of Peppermint and Tea Tree Oils. 

Handmade of coconut oil and cocoa butter based, this zero waste conditioner will leave your hair nourished, soft and clean without stripping away your natural oils.

  • Peppermint essential oil has amazing benefits for your hair and scalp! It can help promote hair growth, opens up your pores, and stimulates your scalp. 
  • Tea tree oil helps reducing dandruff and flaking, improves blood flow, and prevents excess oil production.
  • The lemon peel strengthens hair and adds shine.

Our plastic-free conditioner bar is unisex and will last 55+ washes. Each conditioner bar is 1.75 oz.

  • Handmade in USA
  • Silicone Free, Phthalate-free & Paraben Free
  • Palm-Oil Free
  • Color-Safe
  • Travel-Friendly Bar
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Package-Free Product
  • Plastic-Free Shipping

How to use:

Gently massaging into wet hair, concentrating on the ends. After that rinse with water. Leave the bar out to air dry, ready for its next use.

Switching from a conventional conditioner to a natural conditioner bar often means a transition or adjustment period. This transition period, which can range from a few days to a few weeks. This conditioner will not lather because it is not a soap. But you will feel it working. If used correctly, your hair will feel soft and amazingly clean!

Ingredients: Behentrimonium methosulfate (non-sulfate derived from rapeseed oil), Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essential oil, Tea Tree Oil, Glycerin, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, D-panthenol, Vitamin E.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Amanda Carter

I loved the smell and the feel. I love how it didn't fall apart like how many other shampoo bars do.

It works!

I have been intrigued by the concept of shampoo and conditioner bars for a while now, and after making the switch, I can say I'm not disappointed. It works as well, if not better, on my hair as more expensive products that I used just before switching. I LOVE that there's no plastic and that it's travel-friendly. It's also easy to use, once you figure out how! With the conditioner specifically, I had trouble with it until I realized you have to apply it directly to the hair. (Maybe that's a no-brainer, but I didn't know what to do with it until I watched a video tutorial!) I apply it in a straight downward motion toward the ends of my (very long and thick) hair, let it sit on my hair for a few minutes while I take care of other shower business, and then wash it out. My hair feels great afterward. Definitely recommend. (But I also suggest that Ecoroots add some instructions because a number of other reviewers seem to be having trouble.)

Stephanie V
How to get soap off a soap bar 101

The conditioner bar was hard to get soap from - no lather and pretty useless. Smells great tho

Pamela Goldfinger
It’s okay

I neither like nor dislike this conditioner. It’s not particularly slippery, which I like in a conditioner. . I like the lack of packaging. I like the smell (mint). I won’t be repurchasing.

Mia Jay

This is a gift for a friend's birthday. It smells amazing, and I put total trust in this shop's products. I highly recommend it!