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safety razor for women
safety razor for women
safety razor for women
safety razor for women
Safety Razor - Rose Gold
safety razor for women
safety razor for women
safety razor for women
safety razor for women
safety razor for women
safety razor for women

Safety Razor - Rose Gold

$32.50 (billion) single-use plastic razors are thrown away each year!

You can change these ugly numbers and shave guilt-free!

This gorgeous chic Rose-Gold Safety Razor made with brilliant double-edged blades will leave your skin silky and smooth, with less chance of hair getting trapped under your skin. The best results are seen when you use our organic shaving soap.

  • light & durable
  • the handle is ergonomically designed to make it easy to get a clean and super close shave  
  • high-polished finish to protect from corrosion
  • made of zinc alloy and stainless steel
  • comes with 5 free stainless steel blades
  • 100% recyclable materials in the metal recycling bin
  • plastic-free product 
  • plastic-free & recyclable packaging 

Skin type: normal to sensitive

When do I change the blade?
This depends on how often you shave. We recommended changing your blade after 5-7 uses. If you notice any dragging, it's time to make a change and swap out for a fresh new blade.
Each of our EcoRoots refill pack contains 10 high-quality stainless steel blades.


How to maintain and keep your Safety Razor?

  • clean your zero waste razor after every use with warm water
  • don’t leave it in the shower or tub
  • dry it off with a towel and wipe 
  • store it in a dry place or a space with less moisture

For more information and questions on a safety razor for women [Everything you need to know] check our blog post here.

Be the change - choose to #shavewithecoroots and #beatplasticpollution! 

We proudly donate a percentage of each razor sales to Ocean Conservancy, to protect and preserve our blue planet!

Customer Reviews

Based on 448 reviews
Pretty Easy to Use!

This is my first time using a single razor so I was very nervous but I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it! Changing out the single blade is and cleaning the razor after each use is easy. It does get a little hard to handle while shaving when your hand and the razor get wet but other than that I’ve had a good experience using this product. Watching YouTube videos really helped me figure out how to use a single blade razor for any other first timers!

Smoothest shave of my life

Beautiful razor, honestly gave me the smoothest shave of my life! Like any other straight razor, you do have to be careful. The blade is sharp but its weighted so nicely that you don't have to press. Just let it glide over your skin! Never going back to disposables!

Pretty standard nice weight


Game changer.

I am prone to eczema and irritation on my legs, so it’s hard to find razors that work for me. I don’t want five freaking blades dragging over my skin, nor do I want to create an elephant's assload of trash for the earth so I can have smooth legs. Well, this is the hit for me. It’s gorgeous, inexpensive and effective. So classy. Not sure why everyone isn’t using this.

Best shave

Closest shave ever! Easy to use and works like a charm!!!