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zero waste cleaning kit
zero waste cleaning kit
zero waste cleaning kit
zero waste cleaning kit
zero waste cleaning kit
zero waste cleaning kit
zero waste cleaning kit

Zero Waste Cleaning Kit

"Great value! I loved it all. The brush & soap worked great!" - Bailey

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We put together the must-have plastic-free cleaning products for your home & kitchen in ONE single cleaning kit.

Save 10% by purchasing this zero waste cleaning kit bundle!

This is the basic starter kit for someone who is looking for sustainable & zero waste cleaning products. 

This zero waste cleaning kit includes:

1 x Zero Waste Dish Soap

1 x Bamboo Soap Dish

1 x Wooden Cleaning Brush (detachable head) 

  • Sustainable Materials (bamboo + sisal)
  • Organic & Vegan Ingredients
  • Biodegradable
  • Zero-Waste
  • Plastic-Free

All of these great products come in a recyclable package + plastic-free shipping!

Zero Waste Dish Soap: 5.9 oz

Wooden Dish Brush Size: 9 inch x 1.55 inch x 1.95 inch

Bamboo Soap Dish Size: 4.75 inch x 3.20 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews

Love the soap and the scrubber, but the bamboo holder doesn’t really hold it. Soap gets all over the sink ledge and it feels like I’m wasting so much. I think it’d be better if you offered it in a container. Maybe something with sides to hold the soap and contain the mess. Other than that, it’s great!

McKena Ludemann
Great product

I love the dish soap block. I've been using the brush head attachment without the handle just per personal preference, but it's a little small so I just purchased the separate hand held scrubber for more ergonomic comfort.
On very oily dishes I have to go over it a second time before it's clean, which is fine by me! I'll keep purchasing this!

MinKee Kim
Hard to believe

Everything came in non-plastic recyclable materials and all the stuff to make the soaps are said to be natural. It cleans so well it's hard to believe there's no harsh chemicals. Will definitely continue to support this company.

Lee Ann Caviris
Love it!

I absolutely love this kit! The brush cleans very well and the bar is great! It really lathers up and cleans dirt and grease!! Highly recommend these products!!

Sheliz Salcedo
So far so good

I’m curious about how to change the replacement head when the time comes. The bar soap lathers and holds up really well during dish washing. I will switch to bar soap indefinitely.