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Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women
Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women
Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women
Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women
Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women
Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women

Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women


We created a darling Shaving Kitdesigned for women but great for anyone -  especially those with sensitive skin.

You will have a comfortable and sustainable shave, every time. Our kit is a perfect plastic-free gift for her and waste-free for the planet.

EcoRoots Zero-Waste Shaving Kit For Women contains:

- 1 x Rose Gold Double-Edged Safety Razor
- 1 x Organic Shaving Soap
- 15 x High-Quality Stainless Steel Replacement Blades (5 blades included in the razor package + another extra 10 replacement blades)

  • Plastic-Free 
  • Zero-Waste
  • Vegan
  • Recyclable Materials

This gorgeous chic Rose-Gold Safety Razor made with brilliant double-edged blades will leave your skin silky and smooth. Designed especially for women, our razor will help you to save money in the long run and reduce your waste. Plastic-free, zero-waste, and recyclable package.

Say goodbye to itchy skin and bumps when you shave with our Organic Shaving Soap, a delicious mix of citrus, lavender and spicy cinnamon notes enriched with shea and cocoa butter - a foamy treat for your legs that also help reduce plastic waste. Our shaving soap is vegan, organic, cruelty-free, plastic-free and zero-waste. 

The Replacement Blades for Rose Gold Safety Razor offers you a super close and clean shave. The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel with the plastic-free and recyclable package.

Be the change - choose to #shavewithecoroots and #beatplasticpollution for a sustainable and waste-free future.

All items are shipped in a simple cardboard recyclable box to reduce the impact on the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Beautiful razor! It is so easy to use and I’m so happy I made the switch from plastics! Slowly switching everything and this was my next step!

Sustainable, responsible shaving!

I love the look of my rose gold razor but I'm most excited about the recyclable blades, no plastic waste, and saving money! I bought the kit that comes with the shave bar. The bar doesn't work for me. It doesn't create a rich enough lather to save my legs from cuts. Shaving with the razor takes some getting used to if you're used to the plastic, expensive, mass-produced kind like I was but I think the it's worth the effort. It's super easy (and important) to clean and take apart to replace blades and dry thoroughly.

I recommend everyone gives this a try! I only took one star off for the small nicks/challenge to get used to and the not-so-good shave bar stuff.

Don’t be afraid!

I have been so afraid of switching to a “real” razor and was paranoid about cutting myself, but this razor is so smooth it feels amazing, truly! No cuts, no skin irritation or ingrown hairs! And it’s cute AF too!


I was deciding between this kit and another. I felt that this kit came with more and love the shaving bar. Youtube some videos on how to use a straight razor before use. My fiancé uses one I got for him two years ago and with me going zero waste it was time for me to make the shift. Really good product.

Best Shave!

This razor is great. Its pretty to look at and it gives me a far superior shave than multiple razor blades and/or standard drug store razors. It was easy to assemble and use. I love that its significantly better for the environment. Highly recommend!