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wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush
zero waste brush
wooden dish brush
wooden dish brush

Wooden Dish Brush


It`s time to ditch that wasteful plastic brush and clean your dishes guilt-free.

This Wood Dish Brush is a perfect plastic-free alternative for your kitchen. Great for brushing, cleaning dishes, pots, and sinks.

The head is replaceable so you can save the handle and reduce your waste when the brush wears out. Shop our replacement head here. Perfectly pairs with our zero waste dish soap.

Size: 9 inch x 1.55 inch x 1.95 inch

Color: Natural

  • Detachable head
  • Vegan
  • Plastic-free
  • Package-free
  • Zero-waste
  • Plant fibers
  • Sustainable & compostable 
  • Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms

The handle is made of sustainable German beech wood and the bristle of the brush is made of sisal (a Mexican plant agave with large fleshy leaves).

Sisal is a thick hard fiber, wear-resistant, and very easy to clean. 

Maintenance: To prevent cracks, do not leave the wood part soaking in water. After use, rinse the sisal bristle with clean water and hang dry naturally. 

Once worn out, the wooden head and sisal bristle can be 100% composted or buried in the backyard. All metal staples can be recycled in a metal recycling bin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Wearing out after a year

We've been using this brush for a year, replacing the heads as they wear out. Unfortunately, after a year of use, the handle will no longer hold the brush heads tightly and they fall out. The design of the handle isn't made to withstand the natural wear and tear of scrubbing dishes, and over time the hole to insert the brush head grows larger, and no longer grips. I really like the idea, but I think a design change might help this handle to last longer, especially as there is nothing else the matter with the handle.

Love It, But...

I love the bristles on this dish brush, and obviously I love that the brush head is replaceable and compostable. The one thing I'd change is to make the handle a bit bigger around - I feel like I can't get a good grip on it because it's pretty narrow.

Works well

Fast shipping, with minimal packaging. The brush bristles are sturdy, and the brush head is small enough to reach down into tall cups.

Love it!

Doesn't fit through the tops of most of my water bottles, but still think its amazing. Easy to use and works very well to clean tough to reach spots.

Works great!

This brush does a great job of cleaning my dishes, and I feel great knowing it’s eco friendly. I can’t wait to try the dish soap bar with it when I run out of my current dish soap.