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The Best Organic Hair Oil For Healthy & Lustrous Hair

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The Best Organic Hair Oil For Healthy & Lustrous Hair

No more days of dealing with environmental factors and heat damage; EcoRoots’s natural hair oil provides a solution to healthier hair. Read more to find out!

Our hair experiences a lot, from cold and hot seasons to over-washing, and daily styling, to name a few. That is why when our hair stops growing the way we want it, hair oils are the perfect boost to get growth to continue.

However, to everyone's dismay, long and full hair doesn't appear overnight - it takes much longer than we wish it would. The hair grows 1/2 an inch a month, meaning it takes time and care to grow long hair. That's why many oils and serums on the market are designed to help hair grow faster.

The best organic hair oils function as deep treatments to help tame frizz, and seal split ends, stop breakage and grow longer, fuller hair. So whether you're a naturalist who likes the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream) on wash days or the LCO method (Liquid, Cream, Oil), it's obvious that oils are a crucial part of a healthy hair regimen.

Below, we take a look at the benefits of using organic hair oil and the brand that has the best for all hair types, textures, and even curly or color-treated hair.

What Is Hair Oil?

Hair oil is a moisturizing treatment that you can apply to your hair to add shine, smooth frizz, mask damage, and manage hydration. However, why do you need a dedicated treatment if your hair produces oil naturally? 

Like the skin, we need oil to have strong, healthy hair. Oil lubricates the outer hair cuticle and strengthens the inner core by offering moisture that helps keep the bonds strong. 

Since textured kinks and coils can prevent scalp oils from going down the entire hair shaft, it's necessary to incorporate hair oil to achieve adequate hydration from root to tip.

Benefits of Organic Hair Oil

hair oil for hair

The main aim of using hair care products is to have healthier, thicker hair. And when you know organic hair products are the best when it comes to hair care and also when it regards our planet Earth, then it's time to get out of your old routine and step into the world of organic hair products owing to the several advantages they offer.

Let's go through the benefits of organic hair oils in detail and why you should add them to your hair care.

  1. Organic oils help treat dry and itchy scalp while also moisturizing it. It gets rid of dandruff and helps strengthen the hair follicle from any inflammation because of its essential vitamins and antioxidants.
  2. Organic oils are rich in Vitamins A and E and antioxidants - essential nutrients to help keep your hair healthy and strong and prevent several hair concerns like breakage and dry and frizzy hair.
  3. Organic oils are rich in vital minerals that react on the scalp and increase its moisturization level. They help improve the scalp condition and allow other ingredients to penetrate the scalp more easily.
  4. Organic oils also condition and add luster to faded hair while protecting it from further damage. 
  5. Organic oils promote the production of keratin, an essential element for new hair growth. Enhanced circulation to the scalp helps hair follicles get the nutrients they require to continue growing.
  6. Organic oils are an excellent supplement to a hair loss treatment regimen. It has hydrating effects that will improve the appearance of your mane. Regardless of how thin your tresses are and at what level of hair loss you are experiencing, organic oils will help improve their condition.

Which Brand Has The Best Organic Hair Oil?

ecoroots natural hair oil

EcoRoots Organic Hair Oil is the best on the market today. It is formulated with Argan oil, Almond oil, Rice Bran oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower seed oil, and a blend of extracts suitable for a healthy scalp and hair.

If you want to seal moisture in your hair without feeling weighed down, this fast-absorbing oil is your best bet. It contains sweet almond oil that is ideal for fine strands and acts as an antioxidant to keep your hair healthy. Almond oil is also beneficial in preventing split ends. 

The avocado seed oil in our organic oil is the key to hydrated hair. It's also rich in Vitamins B and E and amino acids, leading to hair that has less frizz and more shine. 

Don't forget Vitamins are essential for your scalp too. EcoRoots organic hair oil is loaded with vitamin E to replenish natural nutrients and help guard your hair against breakage

Another ingredient of our hair oil is sunflower seed oil - a fat and antioxidant-rich oil packed with beneficial ingredients, particularly for dry, dull hair. 

Sunflower seed oil is rich in strengthening oleic and linoleic acids that help prevent breakage and stimulate healthy growth. It allows the hair to retain moisture, makes it softer and easier to manage, and acts as an effective treatment for frizz and split ends. 

You can never go wrong with EcoRoots organic hair oil. This luxurious natural oil is enriched with nothing but natural ingredients and extracts to maintain healthy hair growth, and elasticity helps reduce split ends and prevent damage from heat.

It will nourish and restructure your hair fibers, leaving your hair strong, frizz-free, and shiny. Our natural hair oil is lightly scented with refreshing grapefruit essential oil, though we also have an unscented version for those with allergies.

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

natural hair oil

EcoRoots organic hair growth oil is non-greasy, absorbs quickly, and leaves no unpleasant residues when you use it. It is optimal for all hair types, including curly or color-treated hair. Just a small amount of this superhero natural hair oil goes a long way.

Formulated with nature's best ingredients, it works to nourish, repair, and protect your hair from environmental factors and styling tools. Although it is hand-poured in small batches, it is:

  • Made without synthetic fragrances or colors, preservatives, or emulsifiers.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free.
  • Free of dyes, parabens, petroleum, and phthalates.
  • Mineral oil-free
  • Lightweight and non-clogging
  • Shipped in plastic-free packaging
  • Packaged in a zero waste glass bottle and pump.

How To Use EcoRoots Organic Hair Oil

how to use organic hair oil

Our multi-purpose hair growth oil can be used on wet or dry hair for styling, shine, dryness, heat protectant, breakage, leave-in conditioner, itchy scalp, hot oil treatment, and damage.

Let's look at it in detail:

As A Scalp Conditioner

To use EcoRoots organic hair oil as a scalp conditioner, you need first to get rid of anything that will prevent oil from reaching your hair follicles so it can nourish your hair. 

Dirt, dandruff, buildup, and other substances obstruct oil's ability to perform effectively. To get the most out of our natural hair growth oil:

  • Exfoliate your scalp by washing it with a clarifying shampoo bar to remove barriers and allow the oil to penetrate more effectively.
  • After washing and drying your hair, add drops of your EcoRoots organic hair oil to areas of your scalp that are dry or itchy. Massage in a circular motion using your fingertips, moving around different areas of your scalp.
  • The best method to massage it is by starting at the front and then working your way backward.
  • Continue massaging for a few minutes till the oil is distributed evenly across your scalp. 

As A Weekly or Bi-Weekly Pre-Shampoo

Oil works as a pre-poo to protect the strands against friction. It is not a substitute for conditioner or treatment; it instead prepares the hair for a cleaning process.

  • Begin with dry hair. Section your hair into two parts or more based on your hair type and length.
  • Gently detangle each section with your fingers, starting from the ends and working your way up. Concentrate the oil on your ends since they are the driest, and that's where the tangling begins.
  • Immediately you're done with covering your hair with a thin layer of oil, wear silk, cap, or cotton cloth over your head.
  • Leave the oil to sit for as long as you want. Some people prefer to pre-poo the night before their wash day, and some prefer to do it before going to the gym. Both are great options!
  • Rinse your mane with warm water and then clean it with shampoo bar as you usually would. Ensure you don't leave any residue behind - though if you use our natural hair oil, no residue will be left behind!

As A Weekly Hot Oil Treatment

If you have dry hair, you may use the hot oil treatment every few days.

  • To achieve the best result, you need first to wash your hair. Hot oil treatment tends to work effectively on clean hair. This helps the oil to penetrate deeply into the hair cuticles.
  • After washing your hair, microwave 3 to 6 tablespoons of your EcoRoots organic hair oil in a microwave-safe bowl for ten seconds.
  • Before you apply the oil to your damp hair and scalp, ensure you test a little bit on your wrist to confirm it is not too hot.
  • You can place a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothing. And if you like, you can apply the oil in the shower.
  • Run a wide-toothed comb or brush through your hair to eliminate any knots.
  • Apply the hot oil evenly throughout your hair and gently massage it into your scalp. 
  • Wear a shower cap over your head and wait up to 20 mins.
  • Once 20 mins have passed, thoroughly rinse the oil from your hair, and continue with your usual conditioner.

As A Styling Product

Our EcoRoots organic hair oil is great at taming flyaways and curly hair while promoting soft, shiny, and more manageable hair. 

If you have color-treated hair, this natural hair oil, in particular, can reverse much of the damage that results from artificial chemicals and treatments.

Coupled with long-term improvements in softness and strength by enriching your hair with nutrients; our natural hair growth oil is also great to apply before using any styling tools like curling irons, straighteners, and hairdryers (that tend to take a toll on your hair) by helping to guard your hair against heat damage.

Run one or two drops of EcoRoots organic hair oil between your palms and apply through dry hair. You don't need to use too much - just a little goes a long way! You will notice the long-lasting styling benefits, leaving your hair with a beautiful shine and making it more manageable.

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natural hair oil

So you've got yourself the best organic hair growth oil you can start using today; let us share with you the sweat that went into producing this organic hair oil.

Below, you will learn the four-step methodology that assisted in distinguishing our plastic-free hair oil from the average ones and ranking us the best on the market.

Step 1: Researching all the popular eco-friendly organic hair oil 

We began our research by noting the market's most popular organic hair oil. These brands claim they are fully sustainable and fully vegan, but not all are true to this claim. 

Most of them use mineral oil and parabens as one of their ingredients, but we do not use any chemicals. Rather, we use natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients, making our product 100% vegan and organic.

Step 2: Reading online reviews and testimonials

We motivate all our customers to leave us reviews and testimonials after buying our product. We then use this information to improve our plastic-free organic hair oil and stand out from the crowd.

Going through all the reviews was tasking and time-consuming, but it was worthwhile as we needed to know people's experiences with our natural hair growth oil to serve them better.

Coupled with the reviews on our website, we also read testimonials of other popular organic hair oil brands to know more about consumers' complaints, so we don't make the same mistake.

As expected, some companies put up false reviews and paid testimonials to create a fake brand image on their website. This made us further check reviews on popular online marketplaces such as Quora and Reddit.

Step 3: Conducting interviews with actual customers

We figured out that if we wanted in-depth information about consumers' experiences with our organic hair oil, reading online reviews alone would not suffice. So, we contacted a few customers of ours, and that action gave us a more profound and original insight into our organic hair oil efficiency.

These customers expressed unique concerns we wouldn't have thought about when producing the perfect organic hair growth oil, such as allergic reactions to our lightly scented hair oil. 

The information obtained from this approach helped us produce an unscented version of our organic hair oil, making it perfect for sensitive scalps and allergy-free while also hydrating and moisturizing the hair.

Step 4: Analyzing the organic hair oil 

After reading testimonials and reviews and interviewing customers, we summarized all the essential criteria that made our plastic-free hair oil the best on the market.

  • Hydration
  • Moisturization
  • Lightweight and non-clogging
  • Non-greasy
  • Treats hair problems
  • Natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients
  • Vegan and cruelty-free 
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Cost
  • Eco-friendly initiative and contribution to the planet

EcoRoots is the only brand that successfully ticked all the above boxes and attained a 10/10 rating on this scoreboard.

Final Thoughts

curly hair happy women

You can never suffer a bad hair day with EcoRoots Organic Hair Oil. Its lightweight consistency is perfect for all hair types and textures, plus it is fast-absorbing and full of vitamins.

Regarding hair growth and scalp health, our organic hair oil is the way to go, and it is also the best for styling and color protection.

Don't forget you can always check our website for organic hair oil and everything from household and health to beauty products (like zero waste laundry detergent, natural loofah, bamboo soap dishturmeric body scrub, zero waste facial moisturizerdeodorant cream, lotion bars, lavender soap, zero-waste lip balm, zero waste dry shampooshampoo and conditioner bars, eco dental floss and more).

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