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Why a Wooden Hair Brush is Better Than Plastic Ones

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Why a Wooden Hair Brush is Better Than Plastic Ones

The eco-friendly beauty movement is growing every day. Modern consumers are seeking out sustainable cosmetics, natural products, and other household items. The appeal is that these items are made with more desirable, sustainable, and healthy ingredients than plastics and chemicals.

But that’s not the only reason that they’re slowly replacing traditional products. Eco-friendly and sustainable beauty products are not only better for the environment, but they’re often much better for you, too.

Fewer chemicals, plastics, and synthetics often equate to fewer irritations, rashes, and allergic reactions. Eco-friendly, sustainable products are the right choice for a happier, healthier planet and a happier, healthier you.

Most of us have heard of things like organic reusable cotton rounds, eco-friendly moisturizers, and shampoo and conditioner bars. Safety razors, natural loofahs, soap saver bag and plastic-free vegan candles are becoming more popular, too.

But there’s another up-and-comer we want you to know about. And that up-and-comer is wooden hair brushes. If you’re looking for an easy way to start transitioning into an eco-friendly beauty routine, this is it.

What is a Wooden Hair Brush

Growing up, plastic hair brushes were pretty much the only options we had. Nobody ever really thought we’d need anything else. But as we learned more about the downfalls of plastic-based traditional hair brushes, we realized just how much we need something else.

And with the growing eco-friendly beauty movement, other options are becoming more popular. At EcoRoots, ours is the best wooden hair brush around. They make the perfect addition to your eco-friendly beauty routine.

Wooden or bamboo hair brushes are handmade, zero-waste alternatives to traditional plastic-based hair brushes. They are compostable, recyclable, vegan, and cruelty-free. And unlike plastic-based brushes, wooden bristle hair brushes are also suitable for all different hair types!

Instead of using plastics, chemicals, synthetics, sealants, and glues, wooden hair brushes contain fewer and better components. Ours is made primarily of bamboo, one of the most naturally occurring sustainable resources available today.

Why You Should Use a Wooden Hair Brush Instead of a Plastic One

Plastic hair brushes aren’t made strictly of plastic. And they aren’t typically made from just one type of plastic, either. Traditional hair brushes often also contain wood, rubber, or metal components and sealant or glue to hold it all together.

This combination of ingredients can make them nearly impossible to recycle. And with a lifespan of only six months to a year, plastic hair brushes, once thrown out, may spend several decades to hundreds of years degrading in a landfill.

And while we’re on the topic of the lifespan of traditional hair brushes, who even knew that you were supposed to replace them so often? As it turns out, plastic hair brushes are incredibly unhygienic. That gray fuzz they collect isn’t actually fuzz at all. Brace yourself.

The little bits that collect toward the bottom of your hair brush bristles are actually dead skin cells and oils scraped from your hair and scalp. Mineral build-up and dandruff can add to the residue on your plastic hair brush and make it even less appealing to put back in your hair.

That’s why they have such a short lifespan. Even if you pull the excess hair out and rinse with water and shampoo, it’s difficult to get them truly clean. And it’s even harder to keep them clean once you do.

Think about it: when was the last time that you looked at your brush and felt like it was really, truly clean? When it was brand new out of the package?

Some people have reported having to use toothpicks to pull dead skin cells and bits of gunk from the bottom of the bristles. Is that really how you want to spend your time after getting clean and going through your hair care routine? Plastic hair brushes are less-than-hygienic.

But thankfully, wooden hair brushes are much more hygienic and easier to clean. They are ideal for promoting hair and scalp health and an eco-friendly beauty routine. Every bathroom should have products like this one. If yours doesn’t already, now is the perfect time to start!

Why Bamboo Products Are Better Than Plastic

Bamboo beauty products are on the rise, and it’s easy to see why! Bamboo is naturally biodegradable and sustainable. It is resistant to degradation and has natural antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria.

That means that your brand new eco-friendly hair brush won’t harbor germs and bacteria the way that a plastic hairbrush would. Bamboo products are hygienic, strong, durable, and naturally antimicrobial. There are few other items with so many natural benefits.

Bamboo itself is fast-growing, renewable, absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide, and produces more oxygen than other plants. Bamboo plants and forests thrive without the use of pesticides. Each of these attributes makes bamboo ideal for eco-friendly beauty and household products.   

Our bamboo hair brush is lightweight, portable, easy to clean, and offers incredible health benefits. Plus, when properly cared for, our bamboo hair brush can last for decades instead of just months. That’s right, a properly taken care of bamboo hair brush can last for decades instead of being beyond saving within six to twelve months.

Why bother replacing your hair brush every six months when you can buy one that will last so much longer? And one that will also be better for you and the environment? It seems like an easy swap to make and a great place to start. It’s time for a sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy replacement.

Hair and Scalp Benefits of Using Our Wooden Hair Brush

On top of being better for the environment, there are a variety of hair and scalp health benefits to wooden bristle hairbrushes. Our wooden hair brush is anti-static, offers gentle and naturally detangling, and promotes faster hair growth.

With their natural rubber cushioning and smooth bamboo bristles, they’re also ideal for gentle scalp massages. On top of being incredibly soothing and relaxing, gentle scalp massages with a wooden bristle hair brush can improve blood circulation.

Our bamboo hair brush glides gently through your hair, promoting the production of natural oils that make your hair look healthier and softer. And its anti-static properties help smooth frizz and keep your hair from becoming brittle.

Traditional hair brushes do just the opposite. They promote static and frizz, rip hair from your scalp, and collect germs and unhygienic materials. There are very few reasons to continue to use traditional hair brushes now. Especially now that we have such incredible alternatives to choose from instead.

How to Care For and Clean Your Bamboo Hair Brush

Our wooden hair brush set comes with the long-lasting brush itself and a handy, sturdy brush cleaner. The compostable brush pins are made from antimicrobial bamboo. This makes them easier to clean than traditional plastic brushes. And it makes them easier to dispose of without doing damage to the environment, too.

The brush cleaner makes it easy to prevent hair from accumulating in the bristles of your brush. It also helps prevent dead skin cells and other remnants from collecting and remaining there. Because it is made of natural materials, excessive water exposure should be avoided.

If it gets a little wet, as it naturally might while you’re detangling wet hair, it’s no major cause for concern. Simply use a towel to wipe it dry when you’re done. Cleaning and drying your hair brush after each use will help you hold on to it for longer.  

Following these bamboo brush care instructions can help extend the lifespan of your bamboo hair brush. With the proper care and attention, your bamboo hair brush can stay with you for decades. This is a major improvement over the lifespan of traditional brushes.

And even better than its lifespan is that it won’t end up in a landfill when you’re done with it. Every part of your new hair brush is recyclable or compostable, depending on your preference. The brush and cleaner are even shipped in compostable and recyclable cardboard, too.

When you choose EcoRoots, you choose a sustainable and eco-friendly experience from start to finish. Be cautious of companies who offer eco-friendly products but continue to ship in plastic-heavy packaging. This conflict can be concerning in certain situations.

How to Use Your Bamboo Hair Brush

Using your bamboo hair brush is simple. The ergonomically designed bamboo handle fits comfortably in your hand for a firmer grip and a smoother treatment. It is lightweight and ideal for all different hairstyles. Unlike traditional plastic products, which are only good for certain and very few types of hairstyles and beauty routines.

Whether your hair is thick or thin, frizzy or straight, color-treated or all-natural, bamboo is an ideal and gentle detangler. It is also great for those with sensitive scalps since it doesn’t pull, tug, and rip the same way rough plastic bristles do.

When detangling, brush vertically for a gentle and smooth finish. When massaging your scalp, brush horizontally for a soothing and relaxing experience. Use these techniques one after another for a well-rounded hair routine.

Once you’re done brushing, use the brush cleaner to swipe away any debris. This will help keep your brush clean and free of any bits of hair or skin that were rubbed away from your scalp. Bamboo hair brushes are naturally easier to clean and antimicrobial.

Other Products to Add to Your Eco-Friendly Hair and Scalp Routine

If you’re looking for other products to add to your eco-friendly hair and scalp routine, we have a suggestion. Our bamboo hair brush is frequently purchased as a package with our shampoo bars and conditioner bars.

Build your HAIRCARE  BUNDLE & SAVE 20%!

They come in a variety of incredibly fresh and appealing scents, including:

  • Citrus fresh
  • Lavender
  • CocoLime colada
  • Forest mist
  • Fresh mint
  • Honeydew
  • Moroccan oil
  • Summer breeze

We also offer a convenient unscented option. Over 552 million plastic shampoo bottles end up in landfills each year. This is a hard number for us to accept. But we know that together we can reduce the amount of waste going into landfills and floating in our oceans and waterways.

It’s time to take action and make a change. And this is an easy and affordable way to start making changes. Our EcoRoots shampoo and conditioner bars are a convenient and luxurious eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles of chemical-based hair care products. And like most eco-friendly products, they’re better for you, too.

Why Choose Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

They are packed with the best ingredients, no chemicals, synthetics, fillers, or plastics. This means that they’re not only better for the environment, but they’re better for you, too. In fact, they’re so much better that they’re ideal for all hair types, including color-treated hair.

Handmade with natural ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter, they leave your hair feeling soft, clean, and nourished without stripping away your natural oils. And they’re unisex, so everyone at home can share. Plus, they’re easy to store and travel-friendly.

Whether you prefer fresh citrus fruit scents, summery coconut and lime, earthy options, or sweet and fruity hair care, there’s an option for everyone. Handmade in the United States, they’re silicone-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and palm oil-free.

These natural, soothing, incredibly scented, vegan, cruelty-free, and plastic-free shampoo and conditioner bars are a no-brainer. Each bar lasts for 50+ washes. Just massage into your wet hair to produce a rich, cleansing foam, rinse with water, and you’re done!

Leave the bar out to air dry so it will be ready for its next use. If you’re looking for the best place to store your bars between uses, we recommend a bamboo soap dish. These dishes are perfect for avoiding moisture buildup and allowing your bars to dry quickly and last longer.

And while your shampoo and conditioner bars are air drying, use your new wooden hair brush to gently massage your scalp and detangle your strands. They’re the perfect pair for a luxurious, conscious, and eco-friendly hair routine. When you’re done, use the brush cleaner to get your bamboo brush ready for next time.

Our Compostable Packing and Plastic-Free Shipping

Each of our products is shipped in packaging that is free from plastic. We don’t believe in providing plastic-free products and then shipping them in containers that will spend the next several decades in a landfill somewhere.


That’s why your bamboo hair brush, or any other product you purchase from us, will be shipped in recyclable and compostable packaging. Find a way to reuse the packaging, recycle it, or throw it into your compost pile.

Whichever option you choose, you can feel confident knowing that you’re helping improve the planet and the environment around you. In the past, we rarely had a choice. Most of the items we ordered online were shipped in plastic-heavy packaging whether we liked it or not.

But now, we do have a choice. Eco-friendly and sustainable shopping isn’t just about the product itself. What it comes in can be almost as important. After all, buying plastic-free items and then receiving them in large plastic containers that can’t be recycled or composted doesn’t make much sense.

Supporting an Eco-Friendly Small Business

The EcoRoots wooden hair brush is the perfect way to treat yourself to an eco-friendly and long-lasting sustainable beauty routine. It also makes the perfect gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or another special occasion.

We often recommend buying one eco-friendly item for yourself and a duplicate to share with a friend. They make great just-because gifts and ensure that you’re not starting your eco-friendly journey on your own.

An eco-friendly, sustainable, and better-for-you beauty routine is something we can all get behind. Whether you’re purchasing for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, you can’t go wrong with our bath and beauty product lineup.

If you swap out traditional items one by one, you’ll quickly find that you don’t miss them at all. And you’ll love looking at and using your new eco-friendly lineup. We offer everything from sustainable bamboo tooth and hair brushes to plastic-free facial care, an eco-friendly way to shave, and so much more.

We have zero-waste deodorantszero-waste skin care products, organic body soaps, and zero-waste floss for a sustainable head-to-toe finish. Each day can be Earth day with our bath and beauty products! That is our goal for our loyal, conscious customers.

And we offer incredible kitchen, storage, Swedish dishcloth, natural loofah, zero waste laundry detergent and more happy home products, too. We are always adding to our lineup of eco-friendly offerings and donate a portion of our annual sales to sustainability initiatives and organizations that give back to the planet.

Supporting an eco-friendly small business is something you can feel good about for many different reasons. It’s time to see the difference an eco-friendly routine can make in your home and choose ethical alternatives to amazon products. Celebrate Earth Month and every month by shopping at EcoRoots!

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