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Bamboo Cutlery [Why you should make the switch]

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Bamboo Cutlery [Why you should make the switch]


I’m guessing you’ve found your way here because you have some questions about bamboo utensils!


bamboo cutlery

If I had to guess, I would say that you are one of the millions of kind-hearted people who worries about your environmental impact, and you are looking for ways to reduce plastic waste. Fantastic, and welcome!

Bamboo Cutlery

 You have definitely found the right place - I am going to answer every question you have about bamboo utensils (and probably some that you didn’t even know that you had!)

 Ok - are you ready?

 Let’s get started!

First, let’s take a look at why it’s important to use a different type of utensil. Most of us are very familiar with plastic to-go cutlery - probably too familiar, we would say!

Did you know that 6 million tons of non-durable plastics are dumped every year in the United States alone?

bamboo cutlery


Non-durable means that this isn’t the sturdy stuff that is made to be reused for decades, but those flimsy spoons that come with your takeout, the containers themselves, bags - even some clothing!

While 300 million tons of plastic is put into circulation every year, 85% of that plastic is not recycled.

bamboo cutlery

 What goes to the landfill rarely stays there - as much as 80% of trash in the ocean got there from the land, and 90% of that is plastic.

I know - these are not nice statistics to read. It’s tough to know that this is happening - but if each person cuts down or eliminates their plastic consumption, then we would be well on our way to solving this problem!

bamboo cutlery

 Perhaps you have heard of the zero waste movement. You might even be a proud member of it (and if so, good job! We’re proud of you!)

This is a fast-growing group of people who are doing everything in their power to create absolutely zero waste - no packaging, no plastics, nothing.

You might have seen some of them on YouTube, showing that they could fit their entire year’s trash in one 16-ounce jar.

This type of living can certainly help put a dent in the amount of plastics in the world by making sure it doesn’t exist in the first place. It’s a mix of personal responsibility and voting with your dollars.

We’re a part of that movement. We create solutions with little or no waste so that consumers - you - can find products that you need without creating more plastic waste in the world!

One of the best ways to do that is to use bamboo to replace plastic.

Bamboo has emerged as a sort of wonder solution to a whole mess of problems caused by plastics and other non-biodegradable materials.

This rapidly growing grass (yes, it really is a type of grass!) can grow as much as five feet a year, reaching maturity between 3 and 5 years.

bamboo cutlery

Compare that to wood - it takes almost 30 years for a tree to reach maturity before it is harvested.

You could harvest bamboo between 6 and 10 times in that time span! It releases 35% more oxygen than the same amount of trees, helps prevent soil erosion and is a carbon-neutral plant.

It also can be used to create anything from diapers to clothing to bridges to fuel to cutlery!

bamboo cutlery

That’s right - bamboo cutlery, and at EcoRoots, we just happen to have the most darling bamboo cutlery set out there.

A fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks and straw, all with a handy roll to keep them safe. It’s a perfect alternative to plastic cutlery!

You shouldn’t have to give up aesthetics to help make the world a better place - so we make sure our products are both cute and great for the planet!


bamboo cutlery

Where can I use bamboo cutlery?

If you’re wondering where you can use bamboo flatware, the answer really is ‘Where can’t you?’

Bamboo utensils can be used for almost everything - are you having a dinner party for 6 but only have utensils for 4?

Are you going on a road trip, and don’t know where you’ll be stopping on the way and want to make sure you don’t have to use plastic?

Perhaps the family is organizing a camping weekend, and you know you’re going to have to have some utensils for Aunt Tallulah’s famous 7 layer dip!


Bamboo cutlery

You never really know what situations are going to come up during the day, so you could put a pack of bamboo travel utensils in your backpack, purse or car and just leave them there, just like you do with reusable shopping bags or that handy umbrella - just in case you need them!

bamboo cutlery

Are bamboo utensils reusable?

They sure are! These handy tools will be by your side for the long run - provided that you care for them in the right way.

Is bamboo cutlery safe?

It is! Bamboo cutlery is nontoxic, and exactly as safe as metal cutlery - as long as you make sure to keep them clean.

Is bamboo flatware sanitary?

It’s more than sanitary - did you know that bamboo is naturally antibacterial?

This means that your bamboo utensils are actively working to keep you healthier!

Is bamboo cutlery dishwasher safe?


bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery is not dishwasher safe, so you’ll have to hand wash them, ideally just after using them.

How do I care for bamboo cutlery?

As we mentioned just above, you’ll have to hand wash your cutlery. It’s not great to leave them dirty for any amount of time, and you’ll also want to avoid letting them soak in water.

That’ll reduce their lifetime.

Hand wash and then leave to dry completely, and you’ll be using these guys for a good long while.

Will my bamboo cutlery get stained or warped?

Bamboo is both heat, water, and stain-resistant! You’re not going to have to worry about your utensils changing shape or turning yellow from that yummy curry last night.

Can I recycle bamboo utensils?

bamboo cutlery


You sure can! Once your utensils have reached the end of their lifespan, you simply compost them.

How long does bamboo cutlery take to decompose?

Although it depends on the exact conditions, most bamboo cutlery decomposes completely in less than 3 months. How cool is that?

How does using bamboo cutlery reduce waste in the long run?

There are actually a few ways that using bamboo utensils reduces waste.


bamboo flatware


The first is perhaps the most obvious - if you’re using bamboo cutlery, you’re not using (and then throwing away) plastics! That is one less fork, knife or spoon that will make its way into the ocean.

Being able to say ‘No thank you, I have my own cutlery’ is an amazing way to make sure that you, as a consumer, are not adding to the plastic problem.


bamboo flatware


The second is that, by showing that there is a demand for reusable and eco-friendly products, you are helping send a message to big corporations. They say that voting with your dollars is one of the ways to make change happen - and we agree! It’s certainly not the only way to make a change, but it’s one thing that you can consistently do every day to show where your priorities are. And big companies will listen, once there are enough people saying the same thing!


By rejecting plastics, especially in packaging, in single-use forms, and in non-durable forms, you are sending a clear message to these companies: ‘I do not want plastic in my life!’ - and we think that they are beginning to listen. From straw bans to bag bans, we’re seeing a real reduction in these types of products. It’s slow, incremental change, but it changes nonetheless, and we’re excited to be leading a part of that!


bamboo flatware


The third way is that using bamboo itself is really helping to reduce waste. Instead of using metal or wood, using bamboo is the absolute most eco-friendly material that is being produced at the moment.

Bamboo, being a grass, doesn’t need to be replanted. It is harvested and then new shoots come up from the roots left in the ground. It doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides and doesn’t need irrigation either. The amount of waste that is involved in planting and caring for trees that are then harvested some 30 years later to make wooden utensils is astonishing - and is something that just doesn’t get created when growing bamboo.

Where can I buy bamboo utensils?

Now that you know all the great reasons that you should buy bamboo utensils, the question becomes ‘Where should I buy bamboo cutlery?’ Well - from EcoRoots!

bamboo flatware

 EcoRoots is a company founded and run from Colorado by a couple - and it all started when we discovered how much plastic waste was happening each year.

Dismayed by the idea of what humans are doing to the earth, we decided to make a business selling plastic-free and zero waste products.

That’s right - everything that we as a company make puts ZERO plastic into the world.

We at EcoRoots believe that you should not have to give up aesthetics when you decide to go green, so the products all are both adorable and eco-friendly.

The bamboo utensil kit is a great example of being both cute and good for the earth.

A handy little roll-up set, it has a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, and your own bamboo straw - a detail you will just love!

The roll keeps the cutlery nice and safe without taking up a ton of room in your bag.

Buying bamboo utensils is a great way to make a positive impact, but make sure that you buy from a company that shares your values!

If you’re trying to vote with your dollars but purchase from a company that promotes wasteful packaging or products, you won’t be able to make as big of a difference.

Small companies like EcoRoots are an ideal place to buy from, not only because you’re getting a cute product and reducing plastic waste, but also because you’re supporting a small business.

Well! This should have answered every question you have about bamboo cutlery, as well as a few that you probably didn’t have.

With that, we’ll wish you happy eating - with non-plastic cutlery, of course!

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