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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Waste-Free Holidays

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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Waste-Free Holidays

As the days grow shorter and we near the end of 2020, it is impossible not to look back and reflect. This year was a whirlwind to say the least. Whether it be the wildfires that relentlessly raged through the west coast, social unrest, or the global pandemic that we are still enduring, it is becoming quite clear that us humans must change the way we operate.


There is a silver lining:


Although the future may feel dismal, the World Wildlife Fund says that 60% of Americans feel “alarmed” about climate change, a number that has doubled within the past five years. People are starting to wake up to the reality that we need to do better and have become more open to making more sustainable choices in their lives. Think about it:



People are ready to change. Many folks want to live more sustainably, but do not know where to begin. Luckily, I have put together the ultimate zero waste gift guide that will allow you to easily shop eco-friendly gifts this holiday season for your loved ones. Let’s get into it:


Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $15:


Zero Waste Gifts for the Beauty & Skincare Lover

Soap is such a great gift because you know it will be used and loved. Want to go the extra mile this year? Try these amazing zero waste, beautiful soap rock gems. Not only are they cool shapes and colors, but their natural, plant-based fragrances are to die for. Since these are mini, they are a great gift for someone who likes to travel.

If you are looking for an affordable gift for someone who loves taking care of their skin, look no further than this zero-waste face soap! I love this specific formula because it’s so balancing. Whether the person has dry or oily skin, this bar infused with French pink clay, mango butter, and rose hips will do wonders. Oh, and it’s plastic-free! Generic soap plastic bottles take at least 100 years to decompose, so this is a great, sustainable alternative.

A simple, yet classic gift for the clean beauty enthusiast. This delightful vegan soap is plant-based, cruelty-free, handmade, and organic. It also comes in the cutest drawstring bag, so it’s already wrapped and ready to be gifted! With a wide variety of scents available, there’s a bar for everyone.

This shaving soap is amazing for those who have sensitive skin. Not only is this bar zero waste, but it is also organic and vegan. The soothing formula consisting of coconut oil, avocado oil, citrus oils, and lavender will make razor burn and irritation a thing of the past.

Here’s a simple eco-friendly gift idea for nearly anyone you know: unisex organic body soap! This soap is a staple in my zero waste beauty arsenal. The ingredients of this product will make your shower routine invigorating and refreshing. The options available are Lavender, Hemp, and Spearmint. I am obsessed!

This soap saver bag is a great pairing gift for any of the soaps above. It is made from a 100% natural fiber called sisal. By keeping soap in this nifty little bag, the life of the bar will extend greatly by allowing it to completely dry out in between uses. In addition, it also adds a layer of exfoliation and can be composted at the end of its life.

Here is a fool-proof eco-friendly gift idea for any beauty lover: organic reusable cotton rounds! So many of us have become accustomed to using disposable cotton products regularly, but these are a great sustainable alternative that do not sacrifice convenience. Instead of tossing them in the trash after use, just toss them in the hamper, wash them, and reuse them over and over without the guilt of sending trash to landfill! You’ll also save money in the long run.

As the weather gets drier, unfortunately, so does our skin. I highly recommend this zero waste lip balm as a stocking stuffer for so many people. It is impossible not to love this plant-based formula that is ultra protecting and hydrating. Oh, and unlike many conventional lip balms, this one comes in a cardboard tube which is recyclable or compostable. I love it! There’s more:


Zero Waste Gifts for the Hair Care Lover


Shampoo bars are a great gift for anyone who is either ready to start a zero waste life or has been there for a long time. We offer so many different formulas with varying scents and purposes. Whether the person has oily or dry hair, we have a bar for them. Try them all out and see which is your favorite!

Gifting someone a shampoo bar might not feel like enough, so why not add on a conditioner bar as well? I love conditioner bars because they leave my hair feeling so soft and refreshed. Again, we have a wide range of scents and properties to choose from! It’s so easy to turn your hair care routine into a more sustainable one.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly companion gift for a shampoo, conditioner, face, or body bar, I highly recommend this bamboo soap dish. Not only does it look super trendy in the bathroom or kitchen, but it also actually extends the life of the bar by allowing it to dry out. It’s a great addition to any home!

For the minimalist you know and love, why not try getting them this Neem Body & Hair Bar? I love that this bar is two-in-one because it reduces clutter in your shower. The combination of neem and tea tree oil helps soothe, heal, and moisturize. It’s also a great option for those who are dealing with dandruff, psoriasis, and dermatitis. How utilitarian!


Zero Waste Gifts for Oral Hygiene

Bamboo toothbrushes make great gifts for zero waste newbies, sustainability experts, or anyone in between! They function exactly the same as a conventional plastic toothbrush, except they are made from organically grown, compostable bamboo. Also, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, so it is the perfect material for a toothbrush.

Some people are obsessed with flossing. If you know someone like this, I would suggest checking out this awesome zero waste floss. It works just like conventional floss, except it is made from sustainable & compostable corn instead of plastic! Pretty cool, huh? It also comes in a refillable and recyclable glass container.

You know those people in our lives who want to help the planet but have a hard time changing their habits? Davids Toothpaste is definitely a great eco-friendly gift for them! It is just like normal toothpaste, but the tube is made only from metal, which is easily recyclable. Conventional toothpaste tubes are a mixture of aluminum and plastic, so the inability to separate materials causes them to end up in landfill. What an easy swap!

Toothpaste tablets are one step beyond David Toothpaste since they are slightly different from tube toothpaste. Simply pop one in your mouth, chew, and then brush like you normally would for two minutes. These are really cool because there is literally no waste afterwards!

For those who take pride in both fresh breath and saving our planet, consider gifting them these awesome zero waste mouthwash tablets. Dissolve a tablet in water and swish away for minty fresh breath! These are also a great gift for those who travel by plane often since they are tablets and not liquid. Check out some more ideas:


Zero Waste Gifts for Person On The Go/Traveler

This eco-friendly gift is great for the friend who seems to always have a trip planned. This body wash tin from Bathing Culture says it all on the bottle: “Mind and Body Wash.” Not only does it cleanse your skin, but the Cathedral Grove scent will clear your mind as well. It’s 100% plastic-free and TSA approved!

This is a great gift for anyone who loves eating takeout or having picnics but hates all of the disposable cutlery that comes along with it. This bamboo cutlery set comes equipped with a fork, spoon, knife, chopstick set, and straw. All tucked away in a small roll up canvas case, this set is super easy to always keep in your bag or car.

Here’s an easy eco-friendly gift to nudge anyone towards a more sustainable life: zero waste produce bags! I love these bags because they are cute, durable, multifunctional, and way more sustainable than disposable plastic produce bags. They are made from 100% Global Organic Textile Standards Cotton and can be washed. I love using these for buying bulk items or when buying produce at the market.

Whether it be smoothies, iced coffee, or tea, all beverage lovers alike would love getting a stainless steel straw. By using one of these straws, you are not contributing to the 500 million plastic straws that get thrown away every single day in just the United States alone. Your friend or family member will definitely be grateful to receive this gift!


Zero Waste Gifts for any Home & Kitchen

I am so obsessed with this dish scrubber that I ended up buying a second one shortly after getting my first. This product was designed to be a great eco-friendly solution for scrubbing dishes, but it really is an awesome, compostable tool for cleaning any surface. This makes a great zero waste gift for any home!

One step up from the dish scrubber is this super useful wooden dish brush. It’s great for cleaning deep pots or hard to reach surfaces. I love this product because the wooden head is replaceable once it gets old. I personally would love to get this gift and I am sure someone in your life would feel the same!

Searching for a zero waste gift for someone who is always on the go? Look no further than this useful reusable spork! I love this product because it completely streamlines sustainable cutlery by combining two utensils. It is great for picnics, hiking, traveling, or eating takeout.

This natural loofah makes a fantastic gift for so many people because it is so multifunctional! It can either be a skin exfoliant or a household scrubber. Pair with either vegan soap or zero waste dish soap. I love that this product is made from plant fiber because it can be composted at the end of its life.

I highly recommend these dish cloths for someone who just moved into their home. Not only does it make a great housewarming gift, but it also will help reduce paper towel waste. An added bonus is all the cute prints that are offered! I love these.

If you are trying to nudge someone towards a more sustainable life, I highly suggest this zero waste dish soap. It works just like normal, grease-fighting liquid dish soap, but instead of plastic packaging, it is in a bar form. It also lasts for 2-3 months, so you really get your money's worth. This pairs lovely with a bamboo soap dish and dish scrubber to make the ultimate zero waste dish washing gift.

I know you need to find a gift for a coffee lover, so why don’t you help them make the sustainable switch to reusable coffee filters? This pack of two works just like a normal filter, but instead of throwing it away, you rinse and reuse! A cup of coffee made with this product will taste extra yummy because you will know you are doing your part to reduce waste. Stay with me:



Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $25:


Zero Waste Gifts for the Beauty & Skincare Lover

Finding a plastic-free toner is incredibly difficult, so if you have a beauty lover in your life, think about giving them this awesome vegan toner! Not only is it cruelty-free and organic, but it also comes in a glass bottle which is very easily recyclable. This refreshing toner is a great pick me up in the middle of the day, so it makes a great gift for someone who is always busy and on-the-go.

If you are searching for an eco-friendly gift idea for someone who loves both makeup and the planet, look no further than this awesome makeup remover. This vegan product removes makeup and fixes skin impurities at the same time. It is also cruelty-free, organic, and recyclable. Perfect!

This multi-purpose balm is the ultimate crowd pleasing stocking stuffer! Seriously, it will solve so many ailments including chapped lips, dry hands, eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, and healing tattoos. The light scent of chamomile, lavender, and rosemary is also oh so soothing.

Those with dry, sensitive skin would love to receive YayForEarth’s zero waste face lotion as a gift. It’s a great plastic-free, organic, everyday face lotion. I love that it comes in two sizes (travel and regular) so you can always have it with you even when traveling.

It is very hard to find beauty products that do not come in plastic. A cool eco-friendly gift idea for a beauty enthusiast is this blush stick. It is unlike any other blush product that I have ever seen before because it comes in a compostable/recyclable cardboard tube! The two color options are so gorgeous that this definitely will become a staple in their beauty routine.

Ocean lovers will adore this tinted sunscreen moisturizer! This all-natural product protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It is reef safe, so it is perfect for the beach, but also works great for everyday life. My favorite thing about it is the small, metal tin it comes in because it is so easy to always keep in your bag or travel with.

This aloe vera lotion is a perfect zero waste gift for the sun worshipping goddess you know and love. It is so hard to find a plastic-free aloe lotion, but Fat and the Moon made it happen! This formula also blends in sunflower oil which is great for nourishing dry skin. A little goes a long way of this splendid organic and cruelty-free lotion!

Every self care zero waste gift basket needs to include this shea butter cream! This luxurious product will rejuvenate the driest skin. It is more favorable than typical moisturizers because it comes in a recyclable, zero waste aluminum tin. It also is a great option for those struggling with psoriasis or eczema. What a great gift idea!

I am obsessed with zero waste deodorants because they are such a simple sustainable swap. They also make great gifts! This baking soda-free deodorant is especially great for those with sensitive skin. It’s also aluminum-free, paraben-free, and vegan. How cool!

Another one of my favorite eco-friendly deodorants that makes a great present is this zero waste deodorant. I love this brand because their scents are to die for! The options are natural, lemongrass & tea tree oil, summer rain scent, and citrus mint. This biodegradable deodorant stick will keep your pits fresh and the earth healthy. Love it!

This Fat and the Moon sensitive deodorant cream is another great zero waste gift idea for those with sensitive skin. I especially love this product for travelers because it comes in a compact glass tin. Since this is a cream that you rub on, you won’t get any chalky white streaks on your clothes. It’s great!

These silk scrunchies are great for those who love keeping their hair looking healthy. I love that they do not pull at my hair like typical elastic hair ties. Oh, and it gets better! These scrunchies are handmade and naturally dyed in small batches using food waste from local farms and restaurants. How cool! The resulting colors are all so gorgeous, it's hard to choose which to get! There’s more:


Zero Waste Gifts for Any Home or Kitchen

Having a hard time thinking of a gift for someone? A candle is always my go-to when I’m having difficulty deciding because who doesn’t love their calming effect? I highly recommend these cruelty-free soy wax candles that are hand poured in recycled glass. With a wide range of scents to choose from, there is something for everyone.

This reusable bag set makes a great eco-friendly gift for fresh produce lovers! On average, Americans send 100 billion plastic bags to the landfill annually. By bringing produce bags to the grocery store or market, one can help reduce their waste drastically. That’s why these washable and reusable produce bags make such amazing zero waste gifts!

I adore the people in my life who are dedicated to cooking and sharing meals with others. Looking for a zero waste gift for someone like this? Check out  reusable vegan food wraps! Made from a cotton hemp fabric infused with soy wax, these wraps are a great eco-friendly alternative to more conventional saran wrap.

Not only is zero waste laundry detergent better for the environment, but it is more convenient as well! Say goodbye to annoying liquid detergent spills and plastic waste. Simply pop one of these premeasured strips into the washer and voila! I especially recommend these detergent strips for college students or families. How easy!



Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $50:


Zero Waste Gifts for the Beauty & Skincare Lover

I can not stress enough how much I adore this product. This rose gold safety razor is the perfect gift for anyone who shaves. The rose gold color is so gorgeous and transforms shaving routines into luxurious rituals. Oh, and it is reusable so you no longer have to contribute to the two billion plastic razors that are discarded every year. Pair this gift with a pack of stainless steel blades and/or shaving soap!

One amazing zero waste self care gift is Bathing Culture’s face & body oil. Not only will this moisturize your skin, but it will also calm your mind. The subtle, woodsy smell will transport you into the middle of nature. This organic, vegan, plant-based product is great for friends and family!

This vegan powder face cleanser is great for those who appreciate innovative, eco-friendly products. It unclogs pores, draws out impurities, and leaves skin feeling super soft. Simply add water to the powder to turn it into a paste. It makes a great zero waste self care gift!

Another great zero waste skincare gift is YayforEarth face lotion. I initially was drawn to this product because of their cute, sustainable packaging, but I continue to buy it because of how moisturizing it is. This organic, natural formula is light enough to use twice daily, but also effective enough that it gives you a long-lasting, hydrating glow.

We all know someone who works incredibly hard and doesn’t give themselves the amount of self care time they deserve. Why not gift them this luxurious vegan face mask this holiday season so they can treat themselves to a relaxing evening? There are two types available: purifying clean greens and exfoliating papaya. It’s cruelty-free, plant-based, and will leave your skin glowing bright!

The Lena Menstrual Cup will convert anyone’s monthly period from being highly wasteful to sustainable. I consider this a higher level zero waste gift and would recommend getting it for someone who has already expressed interest in transforming their period routine. With two sizes offered, this cup can work for any menstruating human who wants to save waste from going to landfill!

I am obsessed with gifting people this zero waste shaving kit because it is the perfect little eco-friendly gift bundle. It is equipped with our gorgeous rose gold safety razor, replacement blades, and organic shaving soap. This really is great to give to someone who is itching to level their shaving routine up.

Do you know someone who is growing their hair out? This organic hair oil will be their best friend and it makes a great gift! Rich in vitamins B, C, & E, this formula will moisturize, promote healthy hair growth, elasticity, and prevent damage. There’s more:


Zero Waste Gifts for Person On The Go/Traveler

The KeepCup is a great gift for someone who loves the environment just as much as they love their coffee! The simplicity of the design makes it favorable to a wide range of people. Whether they make their coffee at home or get it from their favorite coffee shop, this eco-friendly gift makes it easy to reduce waste.


Phew! There are so many eco-friendly gift ideas out there that I am sure your loved ones would be excited to receive. If you feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start, why not let them decide and get an Eco Roots gift card?

There’s more:

Even though it is important to shop eco-friendly products, it is critical more now than ever to shop small. Purchasing from a small business directly supports hard working people.

Think about this:

When you buy something from a large corporation, the owners barely blink an eye. Small business owners take pride and joy in every single order they receive. Unfortunately, nearly 100,000 small businesses have had to close their doors for good due to covid. You can make a difference:

By shopping eco-friendly gifts from small stores this holiday season, you are supporting the wellbeing of family-owned businesses as well as the vitality of planet Earth. It’s a win-win!

EcoRoots is wishing you and your family a holiday season full of happiness and good health. Enjoy!


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