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35 Amazing Zero Waste Gift Ideas For Them And The Environment

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35 Amazing Zero Waste Gift Ideas For Them And The Environment

We all love the smile on our loved ones' faces after gifting them the right gift that meets their needs. The smile is priceless, and the memory tends to last longer. This is probably why we spend a tremendous amount of time trying to get the right gift for everyone on our list. But the whole process can be tasking, not to mention the challenge of coming up with eco-friendly, zero-waste gift ideas once you start the search. 

You are probably searching for something unique for your already sustainable loved one. Or maybe you want to help someone close to you adopt a zero-waste lifestyle or take the next step on their plastic-free journey.

Maybe you just want your gift to exhibit your quest to be a more sustainable consumer. Regardless of your reason, you're in the right place!

We have carefully selected the best low-cost, zero-waste, and environmentally friendly gift ideas for the eco-minded individuals in your life. All products recommended here can stay away from the trash; each gift and its packaging is repurposable, consumable, reusable, compostable, or recyclable.

In addition, each product is plastic-free and free of other particularly harmful ingredients in its production processes. These recommendations are from EcoRoots, your one-stop eco-friendly online marketplace that aims to reimagine the way you shop.

Our EcoRoots marketplace makes it easy to shop sustainably, and we also support organizations that give back to the planet. Keep reading to find thoughtful plastic-free gift ideas for anyone in your life, from chefs to beauty lovers and newbies. Give them a special and valuable gift tailored to their interests and the opportunity to protect the planet while using it.

Zero Waste Personal Care Gifts

zero waste gifts

If you have a beauty junkie in your circle, then take note of these most coveted beauty products on the market today. Trust us, you will want to keep them all for yourself! These gifts are suitable for your skin, hair, and the planet so prepare to be wowed.

Mini Kit Complete Skincare

mini kit skincare

Women who have used our mini kit complete skincare can't stop singing its praises, and we have reviews for it. The kit comprises our best-selling skin care products and works for all skin types, making it easy to gift. It is a balanced, all-natural skincare arsenal of essentials for all skin types.

Our mini kit helps enhance your skin's radiance and clarity. It also helps minimize the look of fine lines and pores and promotes even skin tone and texture while increasing hydration levels. This mini kit includes charcoal tea tree cleansing soap, rosewater toner, ultra-nourishing face oil, rosehip zero waste face moisturizer, and a pumpkin enzyme mask.

Here's a little bit more about each product:

  • Charcoal Tea Tree Cleansing Soap

  • Bamboo charcoal soap is famous in the Far East and has been used for centuries. Our charcoal soap is a daily cleanser bar that helps to remove makeup and dissolve impurities, leaving your skin clean and feeling healthy and soft. 

    It is produced with the best organic ingredients, herbs, and clay such as sunflower, saponified oils of coconut, shea butter, rosemary extract, tea tree essential oil, cocoa butter, bergamot essential oil, etc., and is perfect for all skin types especially best for oily skin. Learn more on how to travel with soap bars here.

  • Rosewater Toner

  • A healthy face and well-being are brought to you in a face spray provided by the power of plants. This rosewater toner soothes the skin and helps restore balance while keeping it hydrated throughout the day. 

    Formulated with rosewater, aloe vera, and glycerin, our rose water spray is gentle on all skin types, super hydrating, and locks in moisture to naturally give your skin a balanced glow and tone.

  • Organic Face Oil

  • Our organic face oil is a nutrient-rich blend of 5 non-comedogenic, plant-based oils to ultra-nourish, visibly plump, and enhance the look of your skin's elasticity. It feels light and smells amazing, and smoothing it onto your skin will make you look dewy.

    This golden natural face oil is a combination of organic argan oil with rosehip infusion, apricot oil, and avocado oil to increase glow and soften, nourish, and moisturize the skin.

  • Rosehip Moisturizer

  • Our luxurious and fast-absorbing facial cream helps to moisturize your skin and reduce signs of wrinkles. This lightweight, ultra-nourishing, vitamin-packed zero-waste facial cream will rejuvenate your skin without clogging your pores, moisturize, and leave you with a youthful and glowing complexion.

    Formulated with the best organic ingredients and essential oils, our facial cream is gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is high in vitamin C and antioxidants that support skin health and tone.

  • Pumpkin Enzyme Mask

  • Our special pumpkin enzyme mask revitalizes the skin, making it feel smooth and look healthy. Made with cranberry fruit extract, pumpkin fruit puree, and glycolic acid, this enzyme exfoliation mask boosts skin hydration, smoothens the appearance of fine lines, and leaves your skin feeling softer, brighter, and glowy. 

    For serious glow-enhancing results, this is The Kit! Sustainable skincare and a move towards a zero waste bathroom is a fantastic gift, don't you agree?

    Shop Mini Kit Complete Skincare

    Organic Body Scrub

    Recent studies have revealed that tiny pieces of plastic are building up in oceans across the world, causing potential damage to wildlife and the planet, and this material is commonly found in items like exfoliating body scrubs.

    Our organic body scrub is an ideal swap as we take great care in ensuring that our products are safe for both you and the planet. Made with organic ingredients and recyclable packaging, our organic body scrub gently exfoliates, nourishes, revitalizes, and hydrates your skin for a silky smooth finish without hurting the ecosystem.

    It is available in three options:

    • Coconut Sugar Body Scrub: Formulated with raw organic cane sugar and silky coconut oil, it sloughs away dry and dead skin for a smooth, natural finish and helps to hydrate the skin making it supple and soft.
    • Peppermint Sea Salt Body Scrub: Made with sea salt and baobab oil rich in minerals and vitamins to exfoliate your skin naturally while nourishing it.
    • Turmeric Sea Salt Body Scrub: This is a combination of ayurvedic turmeric powder, sea salt, and natural butter and oils to exfoliate dry skin and hydrate the skin.

    Our body scrub is made with high-quality organic ingredients and is great for all skin types. It pairs wonderfully with our zero waste organic body soap, facial soap bar and zero waste deodorant (baking soda free or the deodorant cream) for nice eco-friendly gift ideas this year.

    Shop Organic Body Scrub

    Whipped Body Butter

    Ready to experience soft, supple skin while avoiding plastic waste and unhealthy chemicals in your everyday body moisturizer? Look no further!

    Our nutrient-rich Whipped Body Butter is a luxurious, fragrance-free vegan body butter to deeply hydrate, nourish, and plump skin all over, even the driest, sensitive skin. A daily essential for keeping skin smooth & hydrated throughout the day.

    Its non-greasy airy formula combines hydrating Mango and Kokum Butter with antioxidant-rich Organic Olive OilCranberry Seed Oil, and elasticity-restoring Raspberry Seed Oil to deliver the smoothest, softest skin while replenishing lost moisture. Our Whipped Body Butter melts into the skin and also multitasks as a lip balm or cuticle softener.

    Organic Body Soap

    Indulge your shower routine with this organic body soapa clean, refreshing bar formulated to gently cleanse all skin types. These natural body wash is naturally scented, with organic ingredients, herbs, and oils, that will leave your skin feeling nourished, healthy, and soft. Cold-pressed by hand in small batches, never contain synthetic fragrances or colorants, parabens, sulfates, or animal products. 

    Our best-selling lavender soap will always be a favorite bar for anyone on your list.

    Great unisex body wash bars gift ideas for an invigorating, refreshing, and waste-free shower!

    Reusable Cotton Rounds

    Studies say over 5 trillion pieces of plastic are found in our oceans. Stay conscious of that number! 

    Other recent research found disposable wipes to be of big issue to our environment, marine lives, and ocean ecosystems because they are made of microplastics. 

    Reusable cotton rounds, on the other hand, are the perfect sustainable alternative and the one from our EcoRoots marketplace is the talk of the town and what many individuals dream about.

    Why? Well, because they get rid of unnecessary waste! Wonderous ocean vibes come to mind because our reusable cotton rounds are:

    • Produced from sustainable and biodegradable fabrics, including organic cotton and bamboo
    • Soft and ideal for applying lotion, face cream, or toner, removing makeup, or cleansing your face with your favorite cleanser
    • Made of compostable fabric and recyclable textile

    Another amazing thing about our reusable cotton rounds is that they are gender-neutral. Neither women nor men will deny the luxurious, clean packaging!

    Along with the reusable cotton rounds, you can also include our powder face cleanser and facial mist to the list for wonderful beauty plastic-free gift ideas.

    Shop Reusable Cotton Rounds

    Sisal Body Brush

    Body brushing is a natural and efficient way to exfoliate, helping you achieve soft, smooth, naturally glowing and even skin tones. Use our sisal body brush for dry or wet massage to enhance circulation, unclog pores, and exfoliate dead skin cells.

    Our sisal brush for regular body brushing help improve the look of cellulite, prevent ingrown hairs, and enhance blood circulation and lymphatic flow for the natural elimination of toxins and detoxification.

    Shop Sisal Body Brush  

    3 Reasons Why We Chose This Personal Care Zero Waste Gift Ideas

    Reason #1: It is free of synthetic and harmful ingredients

    Every product in our list is free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic dyes, silicones, fragrances, and other harmful ingredients. They are all 100% vegan and cruelty-free and instead formulated with high-quality natural and organic ingredients to give you and anybody on your list the best results.

    Reason #2: It is suitable for all skin types

    Each product is perfect for all skin types, regardless of skin type. It also works well with sensitive skin and doesn't give any allergic reactions, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list. 

    Reason #3: It is completely zero waste

    Every product in the recommended gift ideas is completely zero waste; from the glass and metal lid to the dropper, they are all recyclable or compostable. They also come in plastic-free packaging for a sustainable journey. EcoRoots donates a portion of its annual sales to organizations that give back to the planet.

    Zero Waste Gifts For The Kitchen

    zero waste gifts

    Zero Waste Cleaning Kit

    There is always plenty of food and guests during the festive period to aid the merriment, and sometimes it's always hard getting all the grease and grime out of the dishes. Adding a zero waste cleaning kit to your list of gift ideas is something to consider. 

    We have put together all the basic must-have plastic-free kitchen cleaning products in one zero waste cleaning kit. This includes zero waste dish soap, a bamboo soap dish, and a wooden dish brush for a sustainable kitchen scrub. Let's talk about each in detail:

  • Zero waste dish soap

  • Our zero waste dish soap is the ideal cleaning product for your kitchen, as it produces great lather for your dishwashing needs. 

    Formulated with glycerin, aloe vera leaf, and Quillaja Saponaria, this dish soap isn't harsh on the skin; instead, it will keep your hands smooth while using it and is extremely effective against grease and grime. 

  • Bamboo Soap Dish

  • No more plastic with our EcoRoots bamboo soap dish! Made of sustainable bamboo and 100% compostable material, this zero waste soap rack is a great accessory to keep your favorite soaps dry and make them last longer. Or you can check or soap saver bag here.

  • Wooden Cleaning Brush

    Our wooden dish brush is the ideal plastic-free swap for your kitchen to clean your dishes guilt-free. Made of sustainable German beech wood and sisal, our wooden cleaning brush is 100% compostable and recyclable; plus, it is great for brushing and cleaning pots, dishes, and sinks.

    With our luxurious cleaning kit, you no longer need to worry about getting rid of grease from dishes, and it's a perfect gift idea for the festive season.

    Shop Zero Waste Cleaning Kit

    Reusable Dishcloth

    Every cook requires a perfect dishcloth, and now they can do away with single-use paper towels when you give them this reusable Swedish dishcloth

    Made of biodegradable cotton and cellulose, our reusable dishcloth gets rid of single-use consumption from home, offering a more eco-friendly solution for household cleaning.

    Available in up to 4 designs, our reusable dishcloths have the functionality of a cellulose sponge with the durability of about 15 rolls of paper towels. It is sustainable, sturdy, stylish, and 100% compostable in the backyard. 

    Shop Reusable Dishcloth

    Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set

    Over 40 billion plastic utensils are used and tossed yearly in the US. We didn't say this; the stats did! However, you can change these ugly numbers and make a difference when you add our reusable bamboo cutlery to your list of gift ideas.

    Our bamboo cutlery set includes a spoon, a knife, a bamboo straw, a fork, and a pair of chopsticks, serving as the ideal zero waste alternative to single-use plastic cutlery while having your lunch break, camping, or on the go.

    It comes in a plastic-free handy pouch and is all 100% compostable, making sure they don't end up in landfills and hurt the planet.

    Shop Bamboo Cutlery Set

    Reusable Produce Bags Organic Cotton

    These multi-functional reusable produce bags are excellent gifts for your zero wasters and eco-minded loved ones. It is great for slipping into a backpack or purse and taking it to the farmers market or grocery shop, which can help minimize waste.

    Fill them up with fruits and organic vegetables, and be rest assured, knowing that each use saves some trash ending up in landfills. Plus, you can reuse them as many times as you like, compared to those single-use plastic bags.

    Each EcoRoots organic produce bag is made of natural organic cotton and can also store and organize kids' toys, jewelry, cosmetics, medicine, and so on.

    Shop Reusable Produce Bags Organic Cotton

    3 Reasons Why We Chose This Zero Waste Gifts For The Kitchen

    Reason #1: Efficiency and durability

    Every product on this list of gift ideas is very effective in its specific purposes and will last long. Bamboo is known to be antibacterial by nature, indestructible, and renewable material.

    Reason #2: Biodegradable and Compostable

    Even when these products have used their time, or you feel like replacing them, they are easily compostable in your backyard and made with biodegradable materials. You get to clean your kitchen and save the plant at the same time!

    Reason #3: Plastic-free and zero waste

    Unlike conventional plastic products, a switch to these lovely designed, plastic-free, and zero waste products will reduce plastic waste from entering our landfills and oceans for a safer ecosystem.

    Zero Waste Gifts For The Home

    zero waste gifts

    The home is where the heart lies and where all these eco-friendly gift ideas would make the ideal addition to anyone's stack. They are all super affordable, saving you lots of money in the long run, and are a great way to minimize plastic waste in the home.

    Laundry Detergent Bundle Duo

    Our laundry detergent sheets are a waste-free swap to conventional liquid laundry detergents on the market. Compared to these products, our zero wasre laundry sheets deliver similar stain-fighting results while being gentler on the ecosystem.

    Lightweight, hypoallergenic, ultra-concentrated, and easy to use, our zero-waste laundry detergent packs a ton of cleaning power into tiny, pre-measured strips. They are formulated to effectively seek out and dislodge dirt molecules and stains, keeping them in suspension till they are rinsed away.

    Biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable, these laundry detergent strips are safe and efficient in all washing machine types, plus they are septic-safe. They are available in two options: fresh breeze scent and fragrance-free and are gentle for the most sensitive skin, even babies.

    Shop Laundry Detergent Bundle Duo And Save 20%

    Wool Dryer Balls

    If you would like to get your laundry next-level fluffy and soft while avoiding chemicals, wool dryer balls are your best bet. They are a great all-natural approach to softening your clothes, getting rid of single-use dryer sheets, and reducing wrinkles and energy usage by drying your clothes faster.

    Unlike disposable products like dryer sheets and plastic dryer balls, our wool dryers balls are natural and compostable, making them an ideal zero waste gift idea. They are a sustainable, biodegradable material that's good for the environment and also a smart choice for people with sensitive skin because wool is hypoallergenic. Lean more here.

    Shop Wool Dryer Balls

    Natural Loofah

    Kiss your plastic sponges goodbye with this plastic-fiber natural loofah—an excellent plastic-free alternative for cleaning and scrubbing your dishes or general cleaning around your home. Also, a perfect zero waste gift idea for that loved one.

    Our multi-functional natural loofah can also be used for mild body exfoliation or to massage your skin as you shower. It is suitable for rough spots and dry skin. A fiber from the cucumber family, loofah is a sustainable and efficient cleaning product.

    100% compostable and biodegradable fiber so you can bury your natural loofah in your garden or compost it.

    Shop Natural Loofah 

    Soy Wax Vegan Candles

    These vegan candles on this list are unlike other popular candles, made completely of organic American soy wax and natural fragrances. Additionally, their wicks are made of natural cotton wicks.

    As if these soy wax candles couldn’t get any better, they are packaged in reusable glass jars with metal lids.

    These vegan candles are loved by hundreds of customers, and  are available in five different scents.

    3 Reasons Why We Chose This Zero Waste Gifts For The Home

    Reason #1: No Harsh Chemicals

    They are free of synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners, and dyes. Paraben-free, phosphate-free, and phthalates-free. Plus, they are hypoallergenic and palm-oil free. This makes them ideal for home use and sensitive skin.

    Reason #2: They are home essentials

    A clean home lowers stress and fatigue, minimizes the spread of germs, keeps pests away, and improves safety. All these recommended zero waste gift ideas are basic home essentials to help us live clean and healthy. 

    Reason #3: Save more

    By shopping for these products in our EcoRoots store, you stand a chance to save tons of cash while also living sustainably.

    Zero Waste Gifts Ideas For On-The-Go

    Ensuring that you or your family and friends have the right gear when you're on the go is an important step in the right direction regarding sustainable living and minimising waste. This can mean carrying an organic cotton string bag or everything balm moisturizer. We've got a few great ideas regardless of what you're looking for!

    Zero Waste Stainless Steel Cups

    Now, of course, we can't talk about camping, hiking, or backpacking without giving you the option of some nice stainless steel cups.

    For this, there are two choices in our EcoRoots zero waste store so that you will find the perfect one.

  • Stainless steel cup with carabiner handle

  • This great zero waste accessory is suitable for outdoor lovers, a must-have plastic-free on-the-go essential that is strong, impact-resistant, and reusable. Available in silver color, it is made from 100% 304 food-grade stainless steel - a recyclable material.

    Shop Stainless Steel Cup With Carabiner Handle

  • Stainless steel tumbler

  • This plastic-free stainless steel tumbler is available in gold or rose gold and is perfect for picnics, camping, and hosting zero waste parties with your loved ones. It can also serve as a drinking cup for toddlers, making it your go-to zero waste gift.

    Shop Stainless Steel Tumbler

    Bug Repellent Spray

    For your avid outdoor friends and family, this is a great insect repellent to gift them to help keep bugs away naturally. Made with Witch-Hazel and a combination of cedarwood, lemon eucalyptus oil, rosemary, and citronella to soften and soothe the skin, you can now enjoy your outdoor activities without the fear of being bitten.

    Shop Bug Repellent Spray

    Zero Waste Gifts Ideas For The Newbie (Or Anyone)

    We believe having the right tools for the job is important regardless of what you're trying to do. The ideas below will be great gifts for those just starting their sustainable journeys or already experts! 

    Zero Waste Shaving Kit For Women

    Start shaving guilt-free with this wonderful zero waste shaving kit created for women but suitable for anyone - particularly those with sensitive skin.

    Our kit is the ideal plastic-free gift for your loved one and waste-free for the planet. It contains:

  • Rose gold safety razor or black safety razor

  • These gorgeous chic safety razors are designed with brilliant double-edged blades that make your skin silky and smooth. Designed with plastic-free, zero waste, and recyclable packaging.

  • Organic shaving soap

  • You can now say goodbye to bumps and itchy skin when you shave with our organic shaving soap. Made with a blend of citrus enriched with cocoa and shea butter to produce a foamy treat for your legs that also help minimize plastic waste.

  • High-quality stainless steel replacement blades

  • These replacement blades are designed with high-quality stainless steel and offer a super close and clean shave.

    Shop Zero Waste Shaving Kit For Women

    Natural Bamboo Toothbrush Set

    The American Dental Association advises replacing your toothbrush every three months or when the bristles have frayed. In lieu of this, plastic toothbrushes contribute to 50 million pounds of waste annually in the US.

    Our natural bamboo toothbrush is an excellent alternative to plastic toothbrushes that normally end up in landfills. By making the switch and giving it to your loved ones, you can brush sustainably and reduce plastic waste.

    Shop Natural Bamboo Toothbrush 

    Zero Waste Lip Balm

    About one billion lipstick plastic tubes are discarded each year; opt for better alternatives - zero waste lip balm!

    Our zero waste, vegan lip balm is effective and offers long-lasting, dream hydration. Handmade with vegan, organic ingredients, our zero waste lip balm protects, nourishes, and moisturizes dry or chapped lips.

    Packaged in a paper tube, all ingredients are plant-based and selected for their protective and hydrating properties. They are 100% compostable, making them a great sustainable vegan and plastic-free beauty product. Learn more about zero-waste lip balms in this article.

    Shop Zero Waste Lip Balm

    Lotion Bar

    This zero waste lotion bar is an all-over, daily rich moisturizer that keeps you hydrated without any waste. Loaded with skin-loving butters, natural plant oils, and wild-crafted vegan candelilla wax to seal in moisture. Made with only 6 plant-based ingredients you can actually read!

    By using ONE Solid Lotion Bar you can save water & can replace up to 3 plastic lotion bottles from reaching our landfills.

    This plastic-free lotion bar is an everyday moisturizer that will leave your skin softer, deeply hydrated, and more flexible with a smooth layer of protection.
    Great for all body including chapped lips, cuticles, dry hands, heals, or elbows. The simple ingredients make this lotion bar gentle enough for kids, and babies too! Check this article on how to use a lotion bar.

    Floss + Refill Bundle

    Say farewell to plastics by adding this floss bundle to your daily oral hygiene ritual. Made with bamboo fiber, activated charcoal, and essential oils and coated with candelilla wax, our bamboo floss is gentle and glides freely between the teeth.

    This floss + refill bundle includes:

  • Zero waste floss in a glass dispenser:

  • Our zero waste floss in a glass container is a great low-waste alternative to conventional plastic floss. It is 100% vegan and comes in refillable glass container packaging with a recyclable metal dispensing lid. Made with bamboo fiber and activated charcoal, it is fluoride and gluten-free.

    Shop Zero Waste Floss in Glass Dispenser

  • Bamboo floss refills:

  • Our bamboo floss refill includes two 30 m/33-yard floss for your zero waste floss glass dispenser. It is made with organic tea tree oil to help kill bacteria and fungi that cause gum disease and organic peppermint essential oil to help eliminate the hazardous germs in your gums.

    Shop Bamboo Floss Refills

    Adding this zero waste, compostable and recyclable floss to your eco-friendly gift ideas for your loved ones will ensure they have good oral health while also living sustainably.

    Shop Floss + Refill Bundle And Save 20%

    Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

    More than 552 million plastic shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year.

    Does you hair is brittle or does your scalp hurts? It`s time to take action and make a change!

    These Zero Waste Shampoo Bars are packed with the best ingredients, all for your hair and scalp benefit. 

    Handmade of coconut oil and cocoa butter based, this zero waste shampoo bar will leave your hair soft, clean, and nourished without stripping away your natural oils or hair color. Our eco-friendly shampoo bars are unisex and work great for all hair types.

    Oh and they're 100% plastic-free & travel friendly, too! Unscented shampoo bar, available also for those with sensitive scalp and the zero-waste dry shampoo.

    3 Reasons Why We Chose This Zero Waste Gifts Ideas

    Reason #1

    EcoRoots is established in Colorado, USA, with an unending mission to offer you the best eco-friendly and low-waste products. We are a small brand built on valuable customer feedback and suggestions. We are very committed to transparency, receiving continuous feedback, improving on them, and striving to be the best.

    Reason #2

    We have a collection of over 50 low-waste products, from household and beauty to health products, that you can pick from. Our eco-friendly lineup is 100% vegan, palm oil free, cruelty-free, natural, and organic, with plastic-free packaging to help you find sustainable alternatives to everyday essentials.

    Reason #3

    Coupled with our zero waste products making an impact on the ecosystem, our EcoRoots team also donates a portion of our annual sales to organizations that give back to the planet, including Ocean Conservancy. So, anytime you buy or gift any of our products, you and your loved ones join the mission and play an important role in something bigger than all of us.


    Eco-friendly giving equals eco-friendly living. Now that you have your list of zero waste gift ideas, let us share our three-step methodology that helped distinguish our plastic-free gifts from the average ones on the market.

    Step 1: Researching all the zero waste gift brands

    Our research started by brainstorming the market's most popular eco-friendly gift ideas. These brands claim their products are sustainable and fully vegan; however, not all stay true to this claim. Some use synthetic ingredients in their production processes, but we use 100% natural and organic ingredients.

    Step 2: Customer feedback and suggestions

    We motivate our customers to leave reviews for us and request testimonials. We use this information to improve our zero waste products and stand out from the crowd.

    Reading all the reviews was tasking and time-consuming, but worth the effort as we wanted to learn about people's experiences with our zero waste products to serve our customers better.

    We read the reviews and testimonials of other popular zero waste brands to know what their customers are talking about so we don't commit the same mistake in our product line.

    As anticipated, some companies put up false reviews and paid testimonials to produce a fake image of their brand on their website. So we carried on to check reviews on famous online marketplaces such as Quora and Reddit.

    Step 3: Analyzing the zero waste gift ideas

    After reading testimonials and reviews, we summarized all the crucial criteria that made our zero waste products the best in the market.

    • Cost-effective
    • Cruelty-free certification
    • Sustainable packaging
    • Natural and organic ingredients 
    • Vegan
    • Shipping and returns
    • Eco-friendly initiative and contribution to the environment
    • Durability and effectiveness

    EcoRoots is the only brand that effortlessly scored an 8/8 on this rating.

    Final Thoughts Zero Waste Gift Ideas

    zero waste gifts

    The whole point of zero waste living is to produce as little waste as possible and send as little waste to landfills and the ocean. One of the most thoughtful gifts to your loved ones is to give something you created yourself or choose brands that align with your needs.

    We hope this list of zero waste gift ideas means zero worries as you prep for the holiday season. At the barest minimum, your eco-friendly loved ones will genuinely appreciate any gift that doesn't end up in the landfill.

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